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Comfort kills. Are you doing something on a daily basis that pushes you a little? by Elise Russell

Creative Mornings Inspirational Quotes

I occasionally attend the monthly meetup with a group called Creative Mornings. After spending some time networking over a cup of coffee and a bite of breakfast, we sit down for a short presentation. Each month the presentation revolves around a theme, such as courage, commitment, broken. Each theme is meant to spark inspiration within ourselves and conversation amongst each other.

I have taken some quotes shared by Creative Mornings. I like quotes not only because they can be inspiring but also because often times we want to only read small bits of information.


“Anxiety brings with it massive energy and it is what we do with that energy which separates us.” — Laurie-Beth Robbins

“The future is crafted by those who do work they don’t have to.” — Scott Belsky

“Humility is actually an act of strength. You have to have a really solid core to expose yourself to the discomfort, and to some degree, the suffering, of not being good at something.” — Amy Sandman

“Startups don’t die because they run out of money, they die because they don’t figure out who they are.” — Hampus Jakobson

“Everything that I do I consider myself my audience. If I don’t find whatever it is I’m doing interesting, or helpful, or useful, then why am I doing it?” — Luvvie Ajayi

“I believe people are born into the world as assets, not liabilities.” — Bill Strickland

“Find what you love and share your experience…. Teach your skills. It is going to make you feel useful, it’s going to make you feel a part of your community, and it’s going to make a world a better place because of you.” — Gaia B. Amman

“Comfort kills. Are you doing something on a daily basis that pushes you a little?” — Elise Russell

“When you take action, you stop operating from a ‘what if?’ standpoint to a ‘what now?’ standpoint.” — Edreys Wajed

“Inside all of us is this burning desire to contribute something meaningful to the world.” — Mark Anielski

“Allow yourself the freedom to step away from perfection because it is only then that you can find success.” — Chase Jarvis

“If we played more together, we would actually like each other more.” — Gary Ware

“I learned that the moment you want to give up is exactly when you shouldn’t.” — Ruchika Tulshyan

“Commitment is all about hitting the bumps in the road, taking unexpected twists and turns, and recalibrating.” — Libby VanderPloeg

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