Save-A-Label Success

The Save-A-Label program helps more than 9,000 non-profit organizations and schools raise $300,000+ each year. It’s a simple fundraising program that AWG retailers can promote to help their customers support the organizations that are important to them.

The program is simple to use. If you’re not sure how it works, you can click here to learn more about it, but basically customers clip Best Choice labels and submit them to AWG for cash for their organizations. The program has been successful for decades. It hasn’t changed much since its invention, so we decided to survey our customers to see if there are any ways we can improve it.

Through two rounds of surveys (one emailed to people who have signed their organizations up for the Save-A-Label program, and the second round emailed to our general Best Choice subscriber list and posted on the Best Choice social media sites), we discovered the great parts and the pain points of the program. Thank you to the 553 people who completed the survey! Here’s what they had to say:

Do you actively use the Save-A-Label program? (“Actively” meaning you have collected & submitted labels within the last year)

Pie chart of answers - 43% yes

How satisfied are you with the Save-A-Label program?

Pie Chart Answers - Likert Scale

Do you collect labels for multiple schools or organizations?

Pie Chart - 47% Yes

How would you improve the Save-A-Label program? Please select no more than 3.

(To formulate this question, on the first survey I posed this as an open-ended question. I then used those answers to come up with the following options for the second round)

Pie Chart answers


For those who don’t use the program, why not?

Bar Chart of answers

For those who don’t use the program, what would make you use it?

Pie Chart of answers

Do you own a smartphone?

Pie Chart of answers - 75% yes


Age chart

Gender Answers

We also asked where respondents shopped and it was all over the board!


Save-A-Label is widely-used across the AWG trade area. For the most part, participants are satisfied or very satisfied with the program. However, there is room to improve. We’ll be evaluating the feedback about redemption processes and working on resources and communication to support the organizations that utilize the program. We have an email distribution list that participating organizations can sign up for communication surrounding the program:

AWG retailers are encouraged to promote this program to their customers. The AWG Brands Digital Playbook has resources available to help you promote the program online. There is also an in-store sign kit available for retailers to order. Best part: your first one is free! Find it on eCOMM. If you know schools or organizations in your community are using the Save-A-Label program, reach out to them about their successes. Listen to their stories. Let them know you’re happy to help them promote the program to other customers or to the media.

If you have questions or comments about the Save-A-Label program or the survey results, please let me know. I’m excited to help this program progress and continue to be successful!

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