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emfluence And Then Some 2018 Recap

I attended the And Then Some conference hosted by emfluence on August 24. It was a day full of ways to improve your email marketing. After the conference they sent a list of “10 things to do post-conference.” Not only is this a great example of email marketing, but it makes my job recapping the conference easier, so I really appreciated it.


#1 GDPR – The GDPR deadline came and went a couple months ago. The biggest thing that has come from it so far is that no one was truly prepared for the requirements. No more checking permission boxes automatically. Tell people exactly what information you will be collecting from them. Don’t collect more information than you need. If you can make these changes right away that will help a lot. These regulations are coming to the US, so it would be smart to get ahead of it.

#2 Post-Sale Series – If you make a sale, add a new subscriber, or anything similar add that address to a workflow to send them a series of emails explaining what is to come. These are going to be some of the most opened emails you send, because they are going to someone who is interested in your product or service.

#3 Get Personal – Everyone prefers to read an email that feels like it was sent only to us. That personalization comes from the loads of data we are already collecting. Instead of sitting on that data we should put it to use.

#4 Button Size – This one is pretty straight forward. It is the height of frustration when you try and click on a small button and click something else by mistake. Solve this problem by making all your button 44 pixels wide.

#5 Don’t Reply Dont’s – If people are replying to your email that means they are engaged. Why would you discourage that by sending from a “do not reply” address? Don’t sound like a robot. That leads into the next point…

#6 Be Human – Instead of “no reply” addresses and faceless from names, show your subscribers you are a real human. Treat them with respect.

#7 Email Headers – Think of preheader text as a second subject line. Often it can entice people to open as much or more than the subject itself.

#8 Live Chat – Today some people prefer a chat option to having to wait on the phone. It is a fairly simple and inexpensive thing to add to improve customer service.

#9 The 8-Second Rule – People got things to do, man. Keep emails short.

#10 This is just an ad – I didn’t even notice until I went to write the description. Good example of how marketing doesn’t have to stand out as marketing.


Sean is a web specialist. He runs the email marketing program, helps in website design, manages social media accounts, and uploads weekly ads. In 2017, Sean started Grocer Podcast, a month show that intends to be another way to get information to retailers. Prior to joining AWG, Sean spent three years as a high school teacher. Sean is an avid cook, sports fan and Kansas Citian.