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Digital Not-So-Underground

So, you’ve taken the plunge and installed some digital signage players in your stores. Awesome, you’re like, my favorite. If you’ve gotten your monitors hoisted up over the deli counter, gotten someone to hang them with (at least) a good amount of duct tape and you’re ready to start using them – I’ve got some tips for you.

Your first task should be setting a few goals. I know setting a goal to set goals sounds like something your high school counselor came up with on their lunch break, but it’s important! You’re setting those monitors up for a reason, so make sure that reason is something you keep an eye on to make sure you’re close to fulfilling it.

Next, make sure your monitors are a good distance from your customers. Basically, if everyone is leaning forward and squinting like they just caught a lemon juice blast to the eye, you’re doing it wrong. Make sure the screens are high enough that they aren’t in the way, but low enough that they can be read easily.

Content. You have the ability to create just about whatever you want, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to show your customers something amazing. Use movies, lists, menus, photos – whatever you’d like! At the same time, no one wants to see pictures of you at a Whitesnake concert in the 80s. I know, I know, your acid washed jeans and bouffant hair were on point that night, but lets use this space for in-store specials, mkay?

Now that you’ve deleted those embarrassing parachute pants photos, you need to schedule your content! This is the most important part of the whole operation. This turns a good program into a great one. You can schedule your lunch sale items to show up during lunch, your special events to pop up just the right amount of time before the event begins. Let the player do the work for you and keep everything running smoothly.

Finally, ask for feedback. You already know some of your customers by name, this is the perfect opportunity to see how they feel about your signage and to talk to the customers you don’t know just yet. After you get a good idea of what’s working, you can make adjustments, pass the whole thing on to another employee, sit back and relax.

You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort is saved from your normal routine by adding just one signage player to your roster. It’s a great way to engage without being a nuisance and can turn some heads toward areas of your store that don’t get enough attention.

Edit: After some intense feedback, I guess you can post those Whitesnake concert photos. Not my problem if it doesn’t work out.

After graduating from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with degrees in Sociology and Anthropology, I enlisted in the United States Navy to see the world and gain life experience that a classroom couldn’t offer. Upon completion of my contract as an engineer, I began the pursuit of my scholastic passion for writing by enrolling in a Master of Arts program in Communication and by working in field-related internship programs to reintroduce myself to the industry that I’d been apart from while serving. When I’m not at work, I like to continue my role as a student of life by engaging in philanthropic endeavors with Kansas City area non-profit groups and by serving as the Co-Chairman of the KC IABC Young Professionals Organization.