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Tis’ the season for Party Trays

If your store has a website and you sell Party Trays you have landed on the right page. Over the years, we have accumulated several options to lessen the task of ordering party trays for your customers.

First, if you have online shopping on your website contact our Online Shopping Specialist –  Jimmy.

Now, if you have a website but don’t have online shopping feel free to check out what we have to offer below. If you see something you like, scroll down to the bottom of this blog post to: “Party Tray Photo Order Form” and order a custom Party Tray Order Form for your website.

Online Shopping

I know I told you to call Jimmy if you have Online Shopping, but if you want to see what it will look like when it’s done take a look at the screenshots below.

Screenshot of Big John's party tray slider

Screenshot of Big John's order online party trays


We have a subscription to Wufoo where we can iframe a form in using html. However, recently I figured out how to put in images with descriptions. With each selection in the drop down menu an image, name and description appears. Big improvement from text only forms of the past!

Information Only

Another trick I’ve discovered is how to put an “elevator” tab on a website where I have access to custom page content using a HTML editor. This can come in handy if you only want to show the party trays available. The customer still has to go into the store to order, but they can do a little research before hand by looking at this page. Notice I don’t have the prices on this example. Party Tray prices can fluctuate with meat and fruit prices. Try to put in disclaimers if items on the tray may change due to the store’s inventory and season.

Screenshot of Ray's Apple Market Party tray info page

WordPress PlugIn

If you happen to have a custom WordPress site made outside of AWG I have a plugin recommendation for making a party tray order form where you can add up the total cost (not including tax). This might be helpful for customers who order party trays for an event at work and order several trays at once and needs an estimate for their supervisor. WordPress PlugIns can be time consuming to find the right one so I’m passing this on. The PlugIn is called “Calculated Fields Form“. I’m not going to say it was easy to set up, but not impossible either. One downfall is what the free version can’t do. I assumed all the forms would have the ability to email the results after clicking “submit”. Apparently you have to get the Pro version for the email to be sent, but it’s not overly priced for a one time download payment.

Last but not least, below is the form for our members to use as a way to easily send us the content for a Party Tray Order Form on a website. Have fun and be creative if you like. For example the name of each tray can be fun to come up with or ask your Deli employee’s to help. Since a tray description and ingredients will be included the name can have some flexibility. Some of my favorite names are: The Dagwood, A Touch of Gourmet, The Crowd Pleaser, From the Garden and Cheese if You Please. I also like the idea of something local or sports related. The sky’s the limit!


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