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How Amazon’s Update Impacts Your Email Marketing Strategy

This past December, Amazon announced a variety of new features to its very popular product, Amazon Echo Speakers. Currently, the voice assistant, Alexa, can play your favorite song, play your podcast, make phone calls, order items from Amazon and more. Now your Amazon Echo Speakers can read your emails.

According to CNBC, this feature is being tested in the United States and only supports email address from Gmail, Outlook.com, Hotmail and Live.com. This type of access will allow consumers quick access to their emails without actually looking at their phone, laptop, or tablet etc.

Why should you care?

Think of this update as your email being transformed into an audiobook or a podcast. Visual items like images, formatting and even emojis are completely out of the picture (no pun intended). Which leaves just the context to stand out among several emails.  The ultimate goal is for the recipient to keep reading. The next best thing would be to at least have the recipient save it for later.

How to Succeed

To accomplish this, focus on your subject line. A captivating subject line will benefit not only the new update but the email as a whole. Challenge yourself to craft a subject line that is both engaging and informative to the reader.  Compose your message with a brief subject line that does reveal what’s inside but still entices them to keep reading. Posing a question or using numbers in a subject line is an effective attention grabber, ie, “How much house can you afford?” or “10 Things You Need to Know This Morning.”

If the consumer commands Alexa to read your email, move forward with an even more impactful email body. Consider enabling your contact information to have the ability for users to make a call, if needed. Remember the email is transformed into a podcast/audiobook, so keep it informative. Also, allow the consumer to understand the email’s purpose.  

Emerging technology is always occurring. This update might impact your email marketing strategy soon rather than later. Proper email marketing skills and focus on your overall message will help you be successful.

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