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Content Marketing Trends

If you haven’t started planning how to deliver quality content to your customers this year, let’s get started on a quality plan of attack. What people want to see and what is needed for them to become or stay customers is a topic that is ever-changing with advances in technology and how people view information.

Communicating with people is almost too easy in today’s digital marketing world, but communicating effectively can still be a task that many retailers don’t know how to carry out.

Create a plan, stick to it

You didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday, you’ve been doing this a while. Whether you believe it or not, physical and digital marketing are very similar. It’s very likely that things you’ve done in the past from a physical marketing perspective can be effective in the digital realm, with a bit of polishing.

Look to what has been effective for you previously, find a way to get that content into a digital jumpsuit and fire away. Did you have beautiful displays that attracted customers, that maybe you could transform into an email or social media campaign based on the same pillars? Is there something in your store that seems to outperform everything else that you could possibly turn into a recurring digital campaign by having special sales?

Original content

Aside from recycling what has already been used, you can find what worked best and turn it into something completely new and different. Finding a way to relate your content to customers on a personal level is one of the best ways to attract them to your stores. Seventy-eight percent of customers say they prefer personally relevant content when considering a purchase.

Study your sales and find what goes the fastest. Learning when and why people buy certain things can be paramount to creating original content on your digital platforms to promote those items to other potential customers.


We’ve all seen our favorite actors in commercials and other ads, promoting products and using their influence to attract customers. Ray Liotta’s cigarette stomping Chantix ads aside, you can use this same tactic to bring foot traffic into your stores.

There are local persons in your town or within your staff that have the same marketability as someone famous like Ray, you just have to find that person. If you have someone in the deli, meat department, checkout aisles, etc. who seems to have a great reputation with your customers, ask them to take a couple of pictures around the store. Everyone loves a smiling face that they trust when shopping with you.

The absolute best way to market to folks is to find what they already like, what you already do well, and plug it into what you the inverse. Infusing the branches of your business that aren’t performing well with pieces of what you knock out of the park can make digital marketing and content creation the most fun part of your workday.

After graduating from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with degrees in Sociology and Anthropology, I enlisted in the United States Navy to see the world and gain life experience that a classroom couldn’t offer. Upon completion of my contract as an engineer, I began the pursuit of my scholastic passion for writing by enrolling in a Master of Arts program in Communication and by working in field-related internship programs to reintroduce myself to the industry that I’d been apart from while serving. When I’m not at work, I like to continue my role as a student of life by engaging in philanthropic endeavors with Kansas City area non-profit groups and by serving as the Co-Chairman of the KC IABC Young Professionals Organization.