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Stores Still Need In-Store Signage

In-store signage has been shown to sell more product and increase profits. Advertised items are sold at full-retail and result in an average lift of 30.8%. This proves that shelf-signage still has real stopping power with customers. Shoppers are looking for in store experiences and products that utilize shelf signage are engaging with the shoppers at the most crucial time. Surprisingly some studies have shown that anywhere from 50.8 to 67.7% of purchases are impulse. So, one of the best ways to trigger these purchases is to catch the consumers eye with shelf signage.

In the complex store environment, brands must navigate shoppers down the aisle, into the category and to the shelf where they can close the sale. At 10 feet you need to attract the shopper, 5 feet engages and at 2 feet you need to sell the product. This is the sometimes referred to as the 10 – 5 – 2 rule. This strategies success can be attributed to 76% of all purchasing decisions being made in-store at the shelf. It’s not that shoppers don’t know what they are going to buy but with all the choices at the shelf a sign can make the difference in a shopper’s decision.

Although digital advertising has been added to a grocery stores repertoire in-store signage continues to play a key role in selling product. 90% shoppers still buy groceries in a brick and mortar store, so the best way to reach them is with in-store signage. The numbers speak for themself, signage sells more product. In the competitive grocery world of today every dollar counts. So, take advantage of in-store signage and let it do some of the selling for you.

AWG has partnered with two free in-store signage providers. SmartSource and Insignia. These programs offer stores signage that advertise AWG brands as well as national CPG brands. Both programs have the potential to lift the sale of the products they advertise. If you would like to take advantage of these two in-store programs please contact: [email protected]

Examples of shelf signage performance by department.

  Department Lift % Avg Incremental Units Avg Incremental Sales
  Dairy 5.7% 24.7 $58.11
  Frozen Foods 6.0% 17.2 $56.20
  Grocery, Edible 4.4% 18.8 $49.64
  Grocery, Non-Edible 5.5% 29.3 $58.24
  Health & Beauty 6.5% 14.3 $45.36
  Fresh Meat 9.7% 8.4 $36.24
  Refrigerated Foods 3.4% 12.7 $49.57
  All Categories 5.4% 18.9 $52.30

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