Trending Now: June

The heat of summer has finally arrived as the season of the sun is in full swing. People are finding refuge in the air conditioning and with cold treats and drinks. With the kids home for the summer, families are looking for activities for the kids, which can include fun in the kitchen. However, bringing multiple kids to the grocery store can be a daunting challenge and some families are looking for ecommerce as an easy solution. Here’s a look at what we saw trending in June:

Special one-day or two-day deals on bottled water and other refreshing drinks were and still are a good way to get customers in the door. A retailer recently sent a text offer for Best Choice Bottled Water 24-packs and the redemption rates were around 20%. When a customer redeemed the water offer, their basket sizes increased by 50% at one store and 62% at the other.

With the kids home for the summer, it’s also a perfect time to have some fun in the kitchen while teaching them cooking basics. On your social media accounts, share simple recipes that kids can help prepare. Consider hosting a “Kids in the Kitchen” event at the store to teach a few simple recipes where kids can get their hands dirty, have fun, and go home with a tasty treat. 

As more stores are showing interest in ecommerce capabilities, customers and retailers are starting to show skepticism to the third-party labor model. A top customer concern is having someone else pick their fresh meat and produce. As a grocer, you can focus your marketing on the fact that grocery experts are picking your customers’ orders as they would for their own family. Customers are also taking notice that some third-party ecommerce companies increase the price of items 10-30% of the in-store price. This is another differentiator to highlight if your store picks its own orders (and doesn’t increase the price online).

What we saw in June will help you plan social strategies and events for July and August before the kids head back to school and the temperatures start to cool off. Here’s to sales heating up with the weather!

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