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Go with the Digital Flow

How many channels are you currently utilizing to market your stores? Digital marketing changes and grows quicker than your front lawn that one time you decided not to mow before it rained. How does a person keep themselves relevant with all of the frenzied evolution in the market they occupy?

Omnichannel marketing. That’s right. Omnichannel. This isn’t a supervillain with a bone to pick with Spiderman, nor is it the newest rival to that TV shopping network everyone’s grandmother loves. Omnichannel marketing is simple in that it refers to creating marketing touchpoints that work together on every available channel.

You don’t necessarily have to be on the leading edge of the digital marketing spear, but making sure everything you do is being done well and meshes nicely is crucial to getting a foothold in your niche.

Here are some examples of the different channels we offer that blend together better than a DQ Blizzard:

  • Podcasts and Live Video
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • SMS and Email
  • Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes (Just wanted to make sure you’re still paying attention)

Social media stories and campaigns are the easiest to bounce off of each other. Posts can be crafted and scheduled to your liking, without much effort at all if you know what you’re doing.

Podcasts and Live Video really bring your brand to life. Like, seriously, to life. Your social outlets, websites and emails all pack a bigger punch if your engaged followers can find your livestreams and downloadable podcasts quicker with them.

SMS and Email are America’s Sweethearts of the digital realm. Something that pops into your pocket with a ringtone is just about the easiest way in the world to get your attention.

Write a post asking folks to sign up for email. Send an email with a link to your website and push people toward your podcast asking them to get exclusive deals through your text program. It all flows. Add your particular voice and a bunch of awesome info along the way and you’ve got a decent fledgling strategy started.

 For the mathematical people in the room, statistics show that a proper omnichannel strategy can see 9.5% hikes in annual revenue when executed efficiently. Plus, it’s a big word that’ll make you sound really cool at annual meetings.

After graduating from the University of Missouri – Kansas City with degrees in Sociology and Anthropology, I enlisted in the United States Navy to see the world and gain life experience that a classroom couldn’t offer. Upon completion of my contract as an engineer, I began the pursuit of my scholastic passion for writing by enrolling in a Master of Arts program in Communication and by working in field-related internship programs to reintroduce myself to the industry that I’d been apart from while serving. When I’m not at work, I like to continue my role as a student of life by engaging in philanthropic endeavors with Kansas City area non-profit groups and by serving as the Co-Chairman of the KC IABC Young Professionals Organization.