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Rewarding Your Social Following

With so much negativity on social media, seeing a positive comment is a breath of fresh air. Though social media is becoming a place for consumers to vocalize their complaints it is also an outlet to share their enjoyment and appreciation for your store. You can reward those consumers socially. Here are five ways to reward your consumers socially.

Exclusive Deals

This is probably the most obvious way to reward your online shoppers. You can feature an exclusive sale on social media to your online consumers. Try offering an exclusive coupon link and make it printable on your website.  The ultimate goal is to have your social consumers become repeat customers in your store.


Contests help with engagement and growing following. AWG Brands’ social platform frequently offers product giveaways to feature products and encourage engagement. Offering free stuff is a great way to grab the attention of an online consumer. But a better approach is to generate user content. Sure, you can offer a free product giveaway, but pose a question about your store to enhance content. For example, Best Choice recently hosted a summer giveaway. To enter, customers must answer the question, “how will you use Best Choice products this summer.” Use the responses to promote the contest and promote your store.

Let the customer promote

Speaking of user-generated content, allowing your social consumers to promote your store is an excellent strategy to reward customers online. Large companies have used this strategy to create commercials or radio ads. Scale this strategy to meet the needs of your store such as artwork for an in-store sign or be a model for a social media campaign. Select the “winner” like a contest and have your social following vote. This will encourage the participants to have their family and friends to vote for them. Ultimately, this will bring more awareness to your store.

Welcome Feedback and Ideas

Welcome ideas and suggestions about your store from social consumers. It will provide great insight into opportunities for your store to improve. You might discover products that consumers are interested in. This can help you create in-store events to meet those needs. Recently, Best Choice allowed customers to pitch their best ideas for new products. The brand managers were about to see what kind of products consumers are interested in seeing Best Choice offer. 

Promotional art for Best Choice Tank

Thank Your Customers

It’s so simple, yet easily forgotten. Thank you can go a long way on social. Perhaps you received a really amazing comment about your store, be sure to reach out to this person and send them a little thank you gift. If your social pages reach a milestone such as reaching 10K following, thank your followers socially with a post. An added bonus is to offer a freebie or coupon.

Tailor these tips to best meet your store’s needs. Not every strategy will be effective for everyone. But it is important to reward your social consumers to grow your online presence.

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