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Life is funny. It throws things at us and we have to adjust.

Make Things Happen – Creative Mornings

I picked more of my favorite quotes from Creative Mornings events to share with you. Be inspired to make things happen.

“There’s a distinct ripple effect that occurs when we witness or perform acts of courage.” — Yewande Austin

“The future is crafted by those who do work they don’t have to.” — Scott Belsky

“If you want to be the change, first think about the change you want to see.” — Grace Rodriguez

“Persist with optimism.” — Hillary Wall

“No one owes you anything.” — Isaac Duncan III

“Question why things are the way that they are.” — Yeshe Dawa

“What am I doing that I could change so that it could be accessible to more people?” — Courtney D. Marshall

“In communities we have strength and energy. We can use that to make things happen.” — Dan Spain

“Every voice has something to contribute, and every voice matters in our community. Sometimes we have to pause long enough to let those softer voices have their say.” — Solomon Masala

“Change is inevitable, change will always happen, but you have to apply direction to change, and that’s when it’s progress.” — Yanay Zohar

“Wonder doesn’t often have a safety net, nor will people always approve.” — Billy Potts

“We need to make sure we’re actually listening to understand, and not listening to argue.” — Hillary Van Dyke

“Try something new and be excited about it. — Barbara Kurcova

“Be clear on your purpose. What are you doing and why are you doing it.” — Steve Sisson

Why do I work at AWG? I appreciate having the opportunity to use my creative and web development skills to assist our retailers in marketing their stores. AWG is a reputable company and the marketing department consists of a great team, working together in a fun environment. Plus I love to eat! I especially like trying new products.