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Trending Now: September

September is the official start of the fall season. The fall equinox is in late September, all schools are back in session, and football season is in full swing! Stores should be prepping for comfort foods and cold-weather dishes as the weather outside starts to get a little cooler. Perennial fall favorites include soups, casseroles, hearty dishes and slow cooker meals. Don’t forget about Instant Pot recipes that are perfect for easy meals on those busy school nights.

Speaking of school, Sean mentioned in the August Trending Now post that back to school is a big focus this time of year. Parents might already be running out of healthy ideas for lunch and after school snacks, so help them stay on track by keeping healthy kid-friendly snacks and ingredients well stocked.

Sean also mentioned that pumpkin spice is back as early as the end of August. A lot of brands are including pumpkin spice flavoring in their products but even if you don’t have the latest pumpkin product at your store, you can still help you customers satisfy that craving by selling ingredients for home-made pumpkin dishes. And don’t forget another fall flavor favorite, apple cinnamon.

For most people, fall is synonymous with football. Whether it’s a watch party at home or a tailgate at the stadium, game day food is at the top of a lot of grocery lists this time of year. Football fans will be making everything from delicious cheese dip, to bite-size apps, to a sports fan staple: chicken wings. If your deli offers any of these tailgate favorites pre-made in store, tie in you marketing tactics or special sales on game days.

Focus on comfort food, healthy options for kids, pumpkin spice along with other flavorful fall spices, and game day snacks. You’ll be the one-stop shop for all things fall!

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