June AWG Brands Promotional Content

June is almost here. June offers a variety of different food holidays such as National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, National Iced Tea Month and National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month.  Use the following digital content for your website, social media platforms, emails and more to promote AWG Private Brands. Please note the AWG Brands Digital Playbook for Retailers has moved from Google Drive to box.com. This change will help make the Playbook more accessible than Google Drive.

Best Choice Video of the Month

June’s Video of the Month is called the Top 3 Summer Desserts. This video showcases our Frosted Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies, Rocky Road Pie and Ice Cream Cake. You can share this short video from the Best Choice website, YouTube, or using the native files found here.

Best Choice Recipe of the Month

June’s Recipe of the Month from the Best Choice Calendar is Fresh Berry and Spinach Smoothie. This recipe showcases the following Best Choice products: frozen berries, plain yogurt, and Clearly chia seeds. The recipe can be shared from the Best Choice website or from the Best Choice social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. The native files can be found here.

Dietitian Content

AWG Brands Dietitian, Rebecca Mueller, has new blog posts titled Ten foods that boost your immune system and health benefits of dairy products. This month’s recipes include perfect scrambled eggs with cheese and Summer Asian slaw with peanut sauce. Recipes will be posted on the second and fourth Monday of the month on the Dietitian’s Corner. Lifestyle blog posts are posted on the 1st and the 15th of the month.

AWG Brands Digital Playbook for Retailers

The AWG Brands Digital Playbook for Retailers has moved! You will find the playbook at box.com.  The playbook is a digital resource guide about AWG Brands. It includes information about all the AWG Brands, content for your digital platforms and information about programs such as Save-A-Label and Hometown Program. If you love the Facebook cover page graphics or graphics from AWG Brand’s website, we’ve also included web sliders you can use on your social media page. If you have any questions, please contact Morgane Freeman .

Digital Coupons

June’s digital coupons can be found here. Consumers can access these coupons through a store’s loyalty program. If your store does not have a loyalty program but is interested in setting one up, please contact Kyle Carrier and Jared Grieve to get started. Chris Higgs is longer with AWG.

If a retailer is not on the AWG Brands preferred Loyalty Lane platform but wants to display these coupons for their customers on their coupon platform, they will need to send these coupons to their platform provider. Reporting for reimbursement from the provider should be sent to AWG Brands, who will act as the clearinghouse for the digital coupon value only. AWG Brands will not pay clip rates since these vary from provider to provider, and AWG’s partner providers do not charge clip rates. The digital coupons will be updated each month in this folder going forward.

Why do I work at AWG? “I’ve always wanted to work for a company where I can mix my skills in marketing with my love for food.” -Morgane