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Episode 44

This week AWG President and CEO David Smith talks with Joe Koppeis and his team. Joe operates two stores in Illinois. Having a small team gives him a unique perspective that we wanted to highlight on Grocer Pod. Learn about adding Freshop as an online shopping platform, digital coupons, and special merchandising events that bring the community together.  

Episode 41

Grocer Pod is back after a short break. AWG President & CEO David Smith talks with Chief Human Resource Officer Patrick Reeves. They discuss the current state of workers. Pat also has advice for what AWG members can do to be more attractive to potential new hires. 

Episode 38

This week’s show kicks off with a conversation with Adam Salus about Pharmacy. There is obviously, lots to talk about when it comes to healthcare. Then AWG President and CEO David Smith talks with Michael Sansolo in a wide ranging interview about the grocery industry.  Register for the Virtual Innovation Showcase and the 2020 Fall VMC Show at www.awgshows.com