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Episode 22

On this month’s Grocer Pod, Sean Kosednar sits down with Joel Riggs to talk about all the different services store engineering and DSG provide members. Next, Kate Favrow describes AWG Brands‘ plans for the Innovation Showcase in March. There are new planograms for salad dressing and skin care from the category sales teams. For implementation information contact Dan Roehl. 

Episode 21

In the first Grocer Pod of 2020 Sean Kosednar talks with Dr. Megan Konar about “The First Map of America’s Food Supply” Next up is Kim Cates. She tells why every store needs to be offering prepared food in 2020. Finally, VMC’s Dianna Taleck joins to the show to tell everyone about a new Health and Beauty category initiative.

Episode 20

On this month’s episode Sean talks store renovations with Jim and Courtney Brown. They recently finished a renovation of their store in Bixby, OK. Then Cara Mahon and Jennifer Egeland stop by to talk about the Choose Wellness program. Finally, Sean Turner from Swiftly gives some of his 2020 grocery predictions.

Episode 19

On this month’s episode of Grocer Pod, Sean Kosednar talks with José de Jésus from the National Pork Board about a new study on Latinos and Pork. Next is Andre Patenaude from Emerson. Sean and Andre talk about the future of cold storage and what stores should know about upcoming potential regulation changes. Last, Connor Middleton joins Grocer Pod to talk about AWG’s Coinstar program. 

Stop trying to be something for everyone

It seemed unlikely that someone presenting about a ski resort at an email conference would relate to the grocery business. The 2019 And Then Some Conference hosted by emfluence had speakers from a variety of fields. One of the keynote speakers was David Amirault. He spoke about turning around the marketing program at the Snowbird ski resort. Amirault talked about putting marketing resources where they would be most effective in the 21st century. You may remember the “one-star” campaign pictured above. Snowbird is known for it’s difficulty. There are very few runs for beginners. The hotel accommodations are not as opulent as other resorts. Snowbird is for serious skiers. None of this stopped people from leaving scores of one star Yelp reviews about how hard the skiing was. This is when Amirault’s team had a break-though. They decided they would “stop trying to be something for everybody.” They knew what Snowbird was and who it was for. Stunning images of death-defying skiing paired with real reviews quickly went viral. Our members need to decide what their store is and what…


Trending Now: August

As summer draws to a close, it’s time for back-to-school. Back-to-school content spans numerous categories. Stores should obviously carry a selection of school supplies. Also think about school lunch staples, and anything that can be easily prepared for lunches. More than ever parents are wanting to make sure their kids have healthy options, so make sure to make those easy to find. Back-to-school doesn’t stop at lunch, however. Smart retailers will feature quick and easy breakfast options as well. The arrival of school means extracurricular activities. Families are starting to have to rush dinner again. Make things easy for them, by providing prepared foods, or meal kits. Anything that will make getting dinner on the table easier will be welcomed this time of year. The end of August means Labor Day Weekend. Obviously, you need to be promoting grilling favorites. Don’t forget about charcoal or propane either. If you have a propane program this would be a great time to get the word out. You can’t have hot dogs and hamburgers without buns and condiments. Make things easy on shoppers…

Grocer Pod – Episode 17

Grocer Pod is back at the VMC Show this month. First, Stan McClintock  from FMS shares the results of their Independent Grocer Survey (1:55). Next, Chess Ag’s Dr. Shaye Lewis talked CBD (12:22). Then we had our second doctor, Dr. Aruna Weerasooriya from Texas AM Prairie View who shared his research on Food as Medicine (26:03). We learned about Scan Based Trading with Karen Sickle from Park City Group. If you want to learn more contact David Dunn. Finally, we were joined by Kelsey Bright from SPINS. Kelsey shared how members can monetize all the data they collect.

Podcast in your Content Marketing

A podcast for your store? A podcast for your store.

In the US 90 million people spend 6 hours and 37 minutes each week listening to podcasts. Almost 40 percent of people between 25 and 54 listen to one podcast a month. That’s a lot of people. In a Word Camp KC 2019 presentation, Brent Bowen of Sparkade gave a presentation about how a podcast can fit into a brand’s marketing plan. Podcasting is easy and cost effective. More importantly, podcasts are another way to to build brand personality and engage with customers. It’s no secret that people buy from people they trust and like. The intimate nature of listening combined with the ease of consumption make podcasts an ideal part of a brand’s marketing mix. Blogs and videos can only be viewed in a few settings. Customers can listen to podcasts any time. This is what is driving their growth in popularity. Audiences develop a closeness with podcasts that they don’t with other mediums. Hearing the host talk directly to them builds trust. That trust is what leads 65 percent of listeners to buy a product they hear about…

Episode 16

On this month’s show we are talking Shelf Stable Juice with Brian Adams (2:53). Followed by Melissa Davis discussing the new look Learning and Development department (8:36). Finally, Jessica Magnussen drops in to talk about the new price changes in DSG, and things members can do to bring down costs and grow sales at the same time (16:10)