Episode 34

This is a big week of content for Grocer Pod. First, this episode features David Smith talking with Kevin Horrell and Jana Davis from Acosta. They dive deep into the numbers from the last few months, and then they tell you what those numbers mean for your business going forward.  You can register for the Virtual Innovation Showcase by going to awgshows.com/login. Watch the Live show Tuesday, July 14 at 1 p.m. CT. 

Episode 33

This week David Smith spoke with Dale Farley and Kevin Ergenbright. Both men have long histories in the grocery industry. They talked about what allowed each of them to outpace their national competition over the last few months. Pay attention to the things they have been doing. If you haven’t been doing something similar in your stores it’s time to start. You can register for the Virtual Innovation Showcase by going to awgshows.com/login.

Episode 31

There is so much to talk about around AWG and VMC this week. First Sean Kosednar talks with VMC leadership about how they have been getting on over the last few months as well as what they have planned for the rest of the year.  Then AWG President & CEO David Smith returns for Retailer Rundown. This week David is joined by Elliot Christensen followed by Randy Stephersen. If you need examples of “what’s next” for your store Elliot and Randy have it.  Afterwards Sean asks David and Randy about the recent announcement of the new All-in-One distribution hub in Hernando, MS. 

Episode 30

David Smith called this episode a Grocery Retail Master Class. First the AWG President & CEO talks with Jeff Woods and Frank Archer. Then David is joined by Carly Whorton who has implemented some really great innovations since the beginning of the pandemic.  

Episode 29

Only one guest this week, but wow is it a good one. Scott McKenzie from Nielsen. AWG has been working with Nielsen to see how AWG retailers compare to similar retailers across the country. Nielsen’s wealth of data has also be invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic as they work in countries around the globe. They were able to see the virus spread and were able to predict how things would go as it entered to areas. David and Scott have a wide ranging and in depth conversation about the future of the recovery, customer behaviors, and what AWG members can and should be doing.

Grocer Pod – Episode 28

AWG President & CEO, David Smith is back for another edition of Retailer Rundown. This time there is a twist. James Neumann and Jim Zyrowski are the first two conversations. Learn why it is so important to have your own meat cutters. Then our first vendor visits the rundown when Inmar’s Craig Rosenblum talks with David about how technology will help independent retailers. 

Grocer Pod – Episode 26

This might be the best edition of Retailer Rundown yet. AWG President and CEO David Smith  talks with Pat Raybould and Mark Griffin about all the great things they are doing for their employees. Tony Ingraffia had some outstanding insight and should resonate with every retailer. Board Chairman Barry Queen gives an impassioned talk for AWG members.  After that Dylan Queen joins Barry and David for another great conversation.