BRYAN – Blackhawk, Custom Gift Cards, & In-Store Audio Supervisor

Bryan - Supervisor of In-Store MarketingAs Supervisor of In-Store Marketing, Bryan’s responsibilities include managing and growing our In-Store Audio, Merchant & Blackhawk Gift Cards, Apples for the Students, Rebate Signage and Nutrition Programs. Bryan comes to AWG with a broad range of experience in sales and marketing. As a Marketing Director and Medical Sales Rep. he had the pleasure of promoting dozens of annual events and product lines. He was born and raised in Kansas City; briefly lived in Phoenix and Denver, but is a KC homer through and through. His love for sports and all things outdoors began as a child thanks to his father and late grandmother. When he is not traveling or teaching his kids how to become terrible fishermen, you may be able to find him on the golf course or enjoying one of our local sports teams.

Why do I work at AWG?

“Having grown up locally, my second job as a teenager was actually at Price Chopper on 78th and State Ave., also throughout the years I have known many family and friends that have worked, or are still employed with AWG. Given all my exposure to AWG I have seen a stable, growing, company that cares about it’s employees. The qualities which I hold highest from an employer.” -Bryan