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Marketing in a Country of Cultures

Currently there are 15 states beyond the tipping point and 8 others that are very close. What is “tipping point” you ask? It’s the point where the majority becomes the minority. We are a country that is very diverse culturally and continuing to grow in that direction. Recent Census Bureau projections show that in 2043/44 the US population will be less than 50% non-Hispanic whites. So now days when marketing products or services we need think away from whom we’ve always thought of as our target audience. At a recent event Hallmark’s Monic Houpe explained their 3-pronged strategy on how they market to different cultures. Cultural Specificity- Solutions that are targeted to a specific culturally identifiable group. Take a good look at the entire environment and find a connection to the target audience and be authentic when delivering the message. You can’t just cut a white person out of an ad, plug in a Hispanic person and think that you’ve successfully achieved cultural marketing. Multicultural Relevance- Solutions with heightened relevance to non-white consumers that are driven by ethnic insight, but…

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Leading the Process of Change

In today’s business environment companies are forced to change and adapt to a dynamic landscape or be surpassed by their competition. The rapid pace of growing technologies is forcing business owners to adjust their internal processes, improve logistics, update software and hardware systems more often now than in previous decades, those who don’t face drastic consequences. Unfortunately when these changes occur within an organization some individuals are much less accepting than others. Don’t let fear of non-acceptance paralyze necessary business decisions! Instead learn how to understand and assist your valued employees through transition. Mitchell Nash at Linkage, Inc. used a marathon analogy to portray on how differently people in an organization adopt change. Some marathon’s participation are so large that it takes over 1½ hours to get all the runners off the starting line, by the time the last runner gets going those who began upfront are almost done with the race. The same is true with organizational change; those who adopt early will be almost completely acclimated before those who are resistant even let go of the “old ways”.…