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Stores Still Need In-Store Signage

In-store signage has been shown to sell more product and increase profits. Advertised items are sold at full-retail and result in an average lift of 30.8%. This proves that shelf-signage still has real stopping power with customers. Shoppers are looking for in store experiences and products that utilize shelf signage are engaging with the shoppers at the most crucial time. Surprisingly some studies have shown that anywhere from 50.8 to 67.7% of purchases are impulse. So, one of the best ways to trigger these purchases is to catch the consumers eye with shelf signage. In the complex store environment, brands must navigate shoppers down the aisle, into the category and to the shelf where they can close the sale. At 10 feet you need to attract the shopper, 5 feet engages and at 2 feet you need to sell the product. This is the sometimes referred to as the 10 – 5 – 2 rule. This strategies success can be attributed to 76% of all purchasing decisions being made in-store at the shelf. It’s not that shoppers don’t know what…

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What to do? Evolving Your Traditional Marketing

With all the different ways of marketing to consumers these days, retailers sometimes have a hard time knowing where to spend their money. We all know that as the options for marketing expand, the amount of money to spend on them stays the same. With vendor funding evolving as well, sometimes this bucket of money to spend on marketing is even shrinking. This leaves retailers asking the question: What should I do? Have a website. If you don’t have a website in 2017 consumers might wonder if you’re even in business. Google processes 3.5 Billion searches each day. It’s the default way people find information. If you don’t have a website, you aren’t helping consumers find you or information about your store. Sharlyn wrote a blog post about why you need a website, you can find it here. Whether you already have one or need one, make sure it is mobile responsive, optimized for search and gives your brand authenticity, Google and other search engines care about all those things when showing search results to consumers. Participate in rebate signage…

Congratulations! Insignia retailer of the year, McKeever's Price Chopper

Congratulations, McKeever’s!

Congratulations to McKeever’s Price Chopper in Excelsior Springs, Missouri! They were named the inaugural Insignia Retailer of the Year! This McKeever’s location was selected from all participating retailers across the country. Their full year participation in the Insignia POPS Retailer Program and demonstrating their commitment and ongoing support for POPSigns is why they were selected. Congratulations and keep up the good work!  

Engaging Hispanic Shoppers

When it comes to reaching out to customers in your area, it can be easy to forget they don’t all fit the same mold. Some shoppers think different then others, expect different shopping experiences, and even speak a different language. U.S. Hispanic shoppers, for instance, are a group that is shopping at a much higher rate than other shoppers, and they enjoy very different shopping and dining experiences as well. It’s important to consider the needs of these shoppers in both your in-store marketing, as well as your digital strategies. Here’s how their experience differs, and how your engagement efforts can be even more inclusive!   In-Store U.S. Hispanic shoppers differ greatly in comparison to total shoppers in the country. They spend 30 dollars more on average, are 18 percent more likely to sit down and eat a meal with their family, and nearly always shop with another person. There are a variety of ways to make their shopping experience more enjoyable through in-store strategies. The numbers above show family mealtime is a priority to these customers, given their propensity…

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Shelf Signage Sells More Product

If you want to drive up sales in your store, you have to disrupt your customers’ shopping routines and get their attention at the moment of decision. Studies estimate you have roughly 3 seconds to make an impact. The best way to take advantage of that small window of time is shelf signage! How do you get customers to try new products? How do you influence people to shop areas of the store they normally would not? Shelf signage is a good method because signs grab shoppers’ attention. Perpendicular placed signs break-up the monotony of the grocery aisle, which in turn breaks customers’ habitual buying patterns. If a customer sees a sign for a product they have never tried but would like to try, they’re more likely to put this item in their cart because the sign grabbed their attention and brought this item top of mind. If the sign had not been there, the customer would be more likely to pass by and not notice. Signs with pricing especially have stopping power because customers naturally compare prices of similar…