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Using “Donations” to Grow Sales

For most retailers, receiving a donation request is fairly commonplace, be it a friend running a race to benefit a charity, school kids selling candy/cookies/household items, or non-profits looking to support a cause. For individuals, it’s easy to pick and choose where and how much monetary support to give; for a business in the community, that decision can be harder. Independent retailers’ commitment to their community is what sets them apart from other businesses, but handing out checks to everyone asking doesn’t make business sense. Is there a best of both worlds? A way to support community organizations while driving sales and creating loyalty? Yes, the Fundraiser Coupon Book. The Fundraiser Coupon Book was created as a way retailers can respond to donation requests, but also bring additional value to their community and their store. AWG Marketing works with National and Private Label brands to create a collection of high value coupons for popular items and assembles them in a book personalized to each store. All books include the store’s logo on the front and back covers with the option…

Apples for the Students, coupon fundraier books, Best Choice Save-a-Label

Cause Marketing: A Savvy Business Strategy

It is no secret that consumers expect retailers and brands to support social and environmental issues. When making purchasing decisions, U.S. consumers consider businesses’ involvement in social issues as a differentiating factor. The 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study is the latest in Cone’s 20-year analysis of Americans’attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around corporate support of social and environmental issues. Here are a few facts to consider: 93% of U.S. consumers say that when a company supports a cause, they have a more positive image of the company (up from 85% in 2010 and 84% in 1993). 90% of Americans say they would be more loyal to companies that back causes. 89% of consumers would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price and quality. – 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study Cause remains an undeniable consumer demand and a savvy business strategy. Cause marketing helps to increase sales and improve customer loyalty. When it comes to supporting a cause or issue that is important to the community, AWG retailers have multiple options. APPLES FOR THE…

Is There There There: 50 Cents Off Edition

Last week I sat down with the partners at GraphicMachine to discuss the current and future state of coupons. Programs like Excite and Fundraiser Coupon Book exist to provide additional coupon savings to our retailers customers, and they rely on the draw of coupons to the customer. Take a listen as I discuss with Matt, Patience, and Brian if there is there there with coupons: Is There There There? Podcast.