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Gift Cards

Build Your Brand Through Gift Cards

At the Blackhawk Summit, Blackhawk CEO Talbott Roche’s Summit opening talk revolved around Branded Value and she often referred back to a study Blackhawk recently conducted on it. If you aren’t sure what that is, Blackhawk defined it in their study as “a branded object of value that can be accepted in payment or exchange for another product or value”. For independent retailers, branded value gift cards are the ones with your store’s name on them. While Roche was talking more broadly to card partners and retailers who could have their cards sold through the Blackhawk Network, many of the ideas she mentioned applied to small, independent retailers looking at custom gift cards as well. Cards with your brand’s name on them give customers the opportunity to gift an experience in your store. Whether that customer likes you store because you are right on price, customer service, or product assortment, offering a gift card branded for you helps your customers encourage their friends and family to visit your store. Blackhawk’s research showed 91% of people trust their favorite brand somewhat…