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Email Design for the Non-Designer [Recap]

What makes a good email? That was the question we were discussing last week at the KCDMA event, “Email Design for the Non-Designer”. Presented by Justine Jordan of Litmus, we looked at email marketing strategy, design and process. So what does make a good email (in terms of design and otherwise)? A good email should be innovative, useful, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, through and aesthetic. These design principles were put together originally by Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, way back in the 1980s… yet they still apply very much to today. BUILDING A GOOD EMAIL When you begin crafting your email, the first question you should ask yourself is: Who is your audience? Think about the strategy behind the email. Then follow that up by asking: What do you want them to do? Here are a few tactics we discussed that can help you build a good email campaign: Alignment – Creates order and organization, it’s the scaffolding for your email. Stick to left alignment in most cases since Western languages read right to left. Center alignment can be…

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Organic Isn’t Dead; It’s More Powerful Than Ever [Recap]

Have you noticed your posts on Facebook being seen by fewer and fewer fans? Many marketers chalk this up to the declining organic reach phenomenon that has been publicized lately. But, what is organic reach? And is it really dead? These are two questions that were discussed today on Insightpool’s webinar: Organic Isn’t Dead; It’s More Powerful Than Ever. The webinar had two panelists share their thoughts on organic reach, Adam Naide of Cox Communications and Neil Bedwell, former Head of Digital at Coca-Cola. First, lets start of by answering what is definition of organic reach? According to Facebook, organic reach is “the total number of unique people who were shown your post unpaid.” A few years ago, Facebook mentioned around 16% of your page fans on average see your organic posts. However, it’s increasingly speculated that Facebook is leaning towards a day when there is no organic reach available on the network. Whether that day comes or not, it’s important to understand what organic reach really means in 2015. Adam and Neil both shared the same thought about the new definition…

Why you need an email program for your store in 2015

Why You Need an Email Program for Your Store in 2015

If you’re looking to grow your business in the online arena (which really is a must in 2015), email marketing is probably the most powerful tool to help you do so. Email offers something no other communication channel is able to: a direct connection to your customer in real time (not to mention the useful data capture that allows you to improve how you interact with your customers). EMAIL RANKS #1 WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS Today, when it comes to promoting your products and business, email reigns supreme over social media and every other marketing channel (digital or traditional). When HubSpot asked 569 consumers which channel do they receive the most sales messages from companies, email was number one.   And when they asked consumers how they prefer to be contacted regarding products they are interested in, email was again number one.   Do you see a trend? This means that your customers of all ages prefer to receive promotional information from your business via email. (Side note: this doesn’t mean social isn’t important for selling, it just means it shouldn’t be your…

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Why You Must Earn the Right to Promote on Social Media

When you visit Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site, what are you going there for? If you’re like most people, you enjoy using social media because it connects you with friends, and allows you to be entertained and relax. So how, as a business owner, can you promote your products and services on social media without interfering? You have to earn the right first! A common misconception by many businesses is that social media is a great way to push your products and services to drive sales. Gallup recently published the State of the American Consumer study that explains, “Social media sites are highly personal and conversational . . . consumers who use these sites do not want to hear sales pitches.” The hard truth is that social media is not best suited for selling. This doesn’t mean you can’t be promotional at all, but you have to insert your ‘salesy’ content carefully. Promote Your Business on Social Media the Right Way How exactly can you promote your business to your customers without interfering too much with their ‘personal…

Driving Traffic to your Website Why It's All About Email Graphic

Using Email to Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are numerous ways to funnel customers to your website. A fine-tuned SEO approach is important for organic customer acquisition, and a strong social media plan provides a perfect avenue to deliver fresh content to your customers. However, your most valuable customers (those who have passed through the acquisition part of the marketing funnel) already know about your website. So how do you keep them coming back? Believe it or not, it’s all about email. Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing channels around, yet it continues to be an extremely effective method to reach your customers… when done right. To ensure your emails are the most effective, make sure to follow these tips: Personalize it. Add a personal touch to your email by adding your customers name in the subject line, pre-text or body. This will help increase open rates and help your customers feel like you’ve tailored this email just for them. Clear call-to-action. What do you want your customer to do? Click a link to your weekly ad? RSVP to an upcoming event? Make it easy for them…

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Don’t Laugh at Your Own Joke by Liking Your Own Post

Sometimes, you have a joke that (you think) is so witty and clever, you just can’t wait to get to the punchline before you start laughing out loud. Then, before you realize it, you’re laughing at your own joke before anyone else. Awkward, right? While laughing at your own joke is sort of an unspoken social stigma, I see it occur all the time on Facebook business pages. Read on to find out what I mean. When you publish a post on a Facebook business page, it’s sent to your page’s timeline and you fan’s news feeds. And, since you have to like your own business page on Facebook to manage it, it’s also sent to your personal newsfeed. Follow me? The problem here is when you post from your business page and it appears in your personal newsfeed, any action you take (liking, sharing, commenting) on the post will be attributed to your business page and not your personal Facebook account. Your business name (instead of your name) will be listed along with your fans who liked your post.…