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Grocer Pod – Episode 26

This might be the best edition of Retailer Rundown yet. AWG President and CEO David Smith  talks with Pat Raybould and Mark Griffin about all the great things they are doing for their employees. Tony Ingraffia had some outstanding insight and should resonate with every retailer. Board Chairman Barry Queen gives an impassioned talk for AWG members.  After that Dylan Queen joins Barry and David for another great conversation.

Grocer Pod – Episode 23

We are debuting a new segment on Grocer Pod – Retailer Rundown with David Smith. That’s right, the the AWG President and CEO joins the show to talk to some retailers about how they are handling COVID-19 in their stores.  In more exciting news Grocer Pod is moving to a weekly format. News is changing so fast these days that waiting a month wasn’t possible. Look for Retailer Rundown segments each week for the foreseeable future.  If you have questions or need more information about anything from this episode please email Sean Kosednar.

Grocer Pod – Episode 22

On this month’s Grocer Pod, Sean Kosednar sits down with Joel Riggs to talk about all the different services store engineering and DSG provide members. Next, Kate Favrow describes AWG Brands‘ plans for the Innovation Showcase in March. There are new planograms for salad dressing and skin care from the category sales teams. For implementation information contact Dan Roehl. 

Grocer Pod – Episode 21

In the first Grocer Pod of 2020 Sean Kosednar talks with Dr. Megan Konar about “The First Map of America’s Food Supply” Next up is Kim Cates. She tells why every store needs to be offering prepared food in 2020. Finally, VMC’s Dianna Taleck joins to the show to tell everyone about a new Health and Beauty category initiative.

Grocer Pod – Episode 19

On this month’s episode of Grocer Pod, Sean Kosednar talks with José de Jésus from the National Pork Board about a new study on Latinos and Pork. Next is Andre Patenaude from Emerson. Sean and Andre talk about the future of cold storage and what stores should know about upcoming potential regulation changes. Last, Connor Middleton joins Grocer Pod to talk about AWG’s Coinstar program.