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Grocer Pod – Episode 7

After a short break we are back with a new name – Grocer Pod. The name may be new, but our mission is the same. This month we are talking email with David Cacioppo from emfluence (3:25). Then Marie Lewis stops by to talk food safety (14:16). Finally, Nicholas Segura and Ruby Montoya from Segura Marketing join me to discuss marketing to the Hispanic community (24:50).  

Subject Lines, Like Headlines, Are The Only Thing You Read

I attended the Digital Summit – Kansas City on May 16-17. Over two days I was able to see presentation on everything from podcasts to SEO from a variety of industry experts. The highlight for me was a four hour workshop on email. Honestly, I could write 10 blog posts about what I learned from Michael Barber. Perhaps I will in the future. Today we focus on subject lines. I hate to break it to you, but most people aren’t opening your emails. That means the subject line is often the only part of your campaign that anyone reads. They can quite literally make or break an email marketing campaign. How much thought are you putting into subject lines? We all know that the audience is busy and needs a reason to open your email. Should you include prices? For a long time we thought prices were a one way ticket the spam folder. Not only is that not true anymore, but having a price in the subject line increases click-through-rates by 246 percent. “Worth” and “deal” increase 134 and…

Blog Post Ideas

I know some of my team members don’t love writing blog posts. Last week at our monthly meeting I suggested that there are other options besides writing. Later in the week I attended Word Camp KC 2018. I saw two slides that you may find useful. The first was posted by Nile Flores. It’s a list of post ideas. Later in the conference, I saw Angie Pedersen talking about editorial calendars. She did have a link to 100 blog post ideas by Chris Brogan. Here are some excerpts from that list: How What I Do Helps You Grow Your Business Get More From Your (Whatever Product/Service You Offer) How We Start an Engagement With You (onramping process) Build Your Own (Business or Project) With Our Help Meet Our Customer of the Week(Month) Learn How to ____ With ___ (customer you love) Stretch Your Budget By (something to do with your product) Industry Insights That Could Impact Your Business Need to Reach Us? Here are Many Great Ways to Connect Set Aside 20 Minutes Each Day to Do This What We…

Winning clients through empathy

I’m no salesman. To be honest, I’m not really sure why I chose Scott Schaper’s presentation at Word Camp KC 2018. I am very happy I chose that room. A lot of what Schaper said resonated with me. “The best clients,” Schaper said, “are not sensitive to price if you are empathetic to their needs.” Retailers all think our marketing services are too expensive. They don’t see why it costs so much for email or to set up a Facebook account. No list of feature will convince them. Instead, when a retailer says “That’s expensive” say “Yes. It is expensive. I know choosing how to spend limited resources is a big choice, but here is how I can help.” We need to frame everything in how we can help the retailers. We aren’t selling we are solving. We aren’t vendors we are partners. Vendors sell stuff. Partners solve problems. Vendors produce expenses. Partners produce value. In 2017 the average net profit for an independent grocery store was .09 percent. We know our retailers are working on razor thin margins causing…

Explainer Videos Explained

At Word Camp KC 2018 I attended a session by Shane Purnell on explainer videos. The name really says it all. Explainer videos can be used for training, marketing, or education. Sometimes they are animated. Sometimes they are just a recording of a computer screen. You can include narration or simply have text. A music bed sets the tone and provides interest. You don’t need to be an animation professional to create a quality product. There are many sites out there with templates that make the process fast and easy. I made the video above in about 15 minutes. I think with a little creativity we could use them to make some standout content for our social accounts. There is a downside. Since I used the free version the video includes a watermark. The plans are kind of expensive, the cheapest I found was $20/month and the price goes up quickly from there. I think we would be hard pressed to get value for that price. View all of Shane’s slides here and you can find lists of sites to…

Grocer Pod – Episode 6

 I was able to to sit down with many great people Tuesday, March 26 at the AWG Innovation Showcase for the latest episode of AWP. We covered a wide range of topics. See below for contact info for each guest. Eric Qualman (0:37) – Digital Leadership Polly Schau, Wells Enterprises (8:05) – Ice Cream Doug Baker, FMI (11:37) – Smart Label Chad Fowles, Unilever (16:44) – Frozen Novelty and Personal Care Pat Hughes, eGrowcery (23:33) – Online Shopping Jim Lukens, MSC (31:15) – Digital marketing with Media Solutions Larry Elias, Retail Profit Solutions (43:37) – Labor Management Mike Kienzlen, WheresMyShrink.com (49:41) – Shrink

IP Targeting: Cool or Terrifying?

Imagine you had a list of addresses. That doesn’t seem farfetched. I bet you have thousands. Direct mail is good. It’s even better when paired with targeted ads online. In the old days you needed people to actually go to your site in order to target them with ads. Not anymore.   You are now able to use your address list to find the IP address associated with each location. Every computer network has a numerical label assigned to it – its IP address. Now through a proprietary service companies are able to match IP addresses to physical addresses with a 60 percent success rate. Direct Mail mail can have a 5.1 percent success rate. That can be even higher when paired with targeted online ads. The ads are targeted only to those on the mailing list, so companies are able to build a true one-to-one relationship. If that’s not minority report enough for you just wait… Matching an IP address to a physical address is nice. What about all potential customers whose addresses you don’t have? You can’t leave…

Grocer Pod – Episode 5

 We are back at the VMC show talking to all kinds of people. First up is Damon Stuites (0:00) talking about Blackhawk gift cards. If you are interested in more information regarding Blackhawk email Bryan Wright. Next we talk produce with Tim Graas (5:40). Brian Moyer from Freshop sits down to talk online shopping and Chef Kit (19:31). Next is Steve Rash from Coinstar tells us about the new partnership with AWG (26:40). If you are interested in adding Coinstar to your store contact Conor Middleton Mike Daly from AWG explains how retailers can stay on top of the latest products (32:09). Finally, Chris Higgs gives us the latest news on the Shopper Engagement Platform (36:18).

Fill viewfinder example photo of produce.

Do you need online shopping customers’ approval on produce?

Time and again when online shopping is brought up some Negative Nancy inevitably says “What about produce?” like they are the first person to think of this potential problem. Setting aside the fact that the average person really doesn’t know how to pick out ripe produce, stores train their staff in how to spot a good tomato. If a store is going to be really successful in the online shopping game then they will have a well trained staff who know what produce to select for you. Despite hearing this, some customers will remain unconvinced. To combat this Walmart has patented the “Fresh Online Experience”. According Supermarket News, customers would be able to “order produce, meat and bakery items online using stock photos, but then have the opportunity to approve the actual items being purchased via image scans (either two- or three-dimensional) sent to them by Walmart store workers.”  After the customer’s approval the items wold be tagged with an “edible watermark” to show it was indeed the item the customer selected. Perhaps this technology will become the standard. However,…