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Graphic of Web Traffic painted on road that turns into an arrow pointing up in the horizon.

Customers won’t go if they don’t know about it.

Do you have a website? If so, how many of your customers know your domain name? You have lots of opportunities to let your customers know about your website, some not as typical as you would think. Many stores will put a websites domain name on a weekly ad then expect the customers curiosity to make them go look. Customers EXPECT stores to have websites; the question is why should they look? Do you post your ads on Tuesday afternoon even though the prices take effect on Wednesday? Let your customers know they can get a sneak peak of your ad before your competition, ON YOUR AD. Does your website have coupons, recipes, shopping lists or cooking tutorials? Tell them ON YOUR AD. Maybe even add a graphic of a computer screen with your domain name on the screen to get some visual attention. Ask us to make a QR code for your ad. If anything customers will ask “what’s that?” Examples: You say you don’t have an ad or share one with an ad group? We have ways to…

Your Store's Brand graphic.

Your Store’s Branding

Birds do it. Bee’s do it. But what the heck does marketing have to do with it? Insects, birds, wind and even water are all vehicles for pollen, and they make cross-pollination possible. In nature, cross-pollination can produce stronger and more vigorous plants than those produced by self-pollinated plants. For example: butterflies need pollen for food and plants need butterflies to spread pollen, so each species has developed traits to aid in these goals. Plants that attract butterflies have developed very bright colors while butterflies have developed a strong sense of sight to see the colors. Without cross-pollination, this symbiotic relationship couldn’t be possible. Now think of your marketing strategy. What vehicles are you using to spread you marketing message to your customers? Website? Weekly print ads? Bag stuffers, text messages, email, Facebook or Twitter? When you try a new vehicle do you put it to the test with help from other vehicles or do you have a “sink or swim” philosophy? Our department has witnessed many times a key to a successful campaign is one that uses a cross-channel strategy to…

Which browser should I use on my desktop computer?

Last month I went to a 2 day class to learn about some new coding tips for our websites (HTML5 and CSS3). I know this is a topic where I would normally lose the attention of most retailers, but hold on. Have you ever called our IT dept looking for something online and they tell you to “click the green button” or “do you see the text that reads _______?” and it simply isn’t there? “No”, you reply, rubbing your eyes, looking all over your screen. Then you know what’s coming next “what browser are you using?” Not all browsers are created equal for different tasks, like showing data, making text a color that isn’t the same as your background, important stuff. Our instructor gave us a link to a chart that shows 14 tasks that can or can not be done on certain browsers/versions. Here is the link: http://www.quirksmode.org/html5/inputs.html However, I can give you the short version of this chart. This could shed some light on which browser and version to use that could lead to less time spent on…