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Signs, Signs. Everywhere a Digital Sign

Menu boards and posters are so 1980s that they still go roller skating. Not to mention you have to keep updating the content on them and hope that you don’t misspell Worcestershire again, which will most assuredly garner some laughter from your employees. Why not use something more engaging that can be reviewed and edited, scheduled, even animated to cater to your specific audience? Digital signage is nothing new, but it keeps gaining momentum as it reaches new eyes in stores and at events around the world. If you’re considering adding this type of marketing tool to your store, there are a few things you should know before jumping in. Be Consistent The first thing people often overlook with digital signage and its content is consistency. There’s nothing more off-putting than an unreadable font with a bright, abrasive background that makes someone feel as though they’re going blind. Keeping a simple theme throughout your digital campaigns can help to keep the attention of those in your store and will also prevent them from screaming in pain as your neon-green banners…

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“About Us” on your website

Everyone loves a story. People have been telling stories since… well, since people have been around! What do campfires, drawings in the sand, music, movies and your website have in common? All of these tools can help make telling a story easier. The About Us page can attract your customers with a story they can relate to. The more your customers identify with you, the more they will trust your store. The content on this page is also good to share via links in social media. Read this About Us example >> You may not think your story is interesting, but it only seems that way to you because you lived it. You lived the long version, day by day. Believe it or not, millennials prefer the story of how a business came to be rather than having big bold SALE! messages crammed down their throats. These stories tend to be read on mobile devices during down time, like during the commercials while watching TV or waiting for a Dr. Apt. Write about the stories you hear over and over at family get…

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Millennials: Retail’s New Bread and Butter

Something you may not know about Millennials is that they are a technically savvy generation. Ok, maybe that’s not quite a surprise because many Millennials grew up with the Internet and were able to find information with a couple of key stokes. On the other hand, Gen X and Baby Boomers had to go to a library, navigate the Dewy Decimal System through a ridiculously cumbersome card catalog, or search through 87 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica to find their content. Information has become easier and easier to absorb throughout the years and the millennial generation is able to consume more content faster and easier than any other generation in history. Currently, the millennial generation makes up about 25% of the U.S. population, which makes their generation larger than the Baby Boomers. The purchasing power of this generation measures above a Trillion dollars! That’s more than one thousand times Michael Jordan’s net worth, or 1.3 million times a million. Either way that’s a lot of money that Millennials are adding into circulation. Understanding their immense spending ability, retailers need to…