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Using Promo Codes to Grow Online Grocery

We’ve received mixed review about the success of promo codes in online shopping, so I wanted to learn more about what works, what doesn’t, and how we can improve marketing efforts with promo codes. I reached out to our partners at Rosie to see what their data can tell us. Alyssa Nappa, head of Shopper Marketing at Rosie wrote this blog post for us to share with you. Take it away, Alyssa! Incentivizing customers with promotional “coupon” codes is a proven strategy for growing your online grocery service. Whether your customer is placing their first order or their tenth order, promotional codes will entice them to return to your online store for their grocery needs. At Rosie, we encourage all of our retailer partners to offer promotional codes in their marketing materials, regardless if they are just launching their eCommerce service or have been live on the platform for several years. There are three popular types of promotion codes; a flat dollar amount off the total order, a percent off the total order, and a free pickup or free delivery.…

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Cause Marketing: A Savvy Business Strategy

It is no secret that consumers expect retailers and brands to support social and environmental issues. When making purchasing decisions, U.S. consumers consider businesses’ involvement in social issues as a differentiating factor. The 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study is the latest in Cone’s 20-year analysis of Americans’attitudes, perceptions and behaviors around corporate support of social and environmental issues. Here are a few facts to consider: 93% of U.S. consumers say that when a company supports a cause, they have a more positive image of the company (up from 85% in 2010 and 84% in 1993). 90% of Americans say they would be more loyal to companies that back causes. 89% of consumers would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price and quality. – 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study Cause remains an undeniable consumer demand and a savvy business strategy. Cause marketing helps to increase sales and improve customer loyalty. When it comes to supporting a cause or issue that is important to the community, AWG retailers have multiple options. APPLES FOR THE…

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Millennials’ Grocery Shopping Habits: The List, Low Prices, and Convenience

Millennials have extremely high buying power in the U.S. economy — close to $600 billion in annual spending. Independent grocers need to understand millennials’ shopping habits and use this knowledge to attract more millennials to their stores. In a recent NGA webinar “On the List & in the Cart: The truth behind millennials and how they grocery shop,” two presenters from Santy explained where, when, and how millennials grocery shop. Santy used data from a self-administered survey of 550 respondents, conducted in November of 2014. This is what they found. How they shop: The List Millennials are big on making lists before grocery shopping. 48% always make a list, 50% occasionally do, and only 2% never make a list. Over half of millennials make their grocery list only an hour before shopping, but nonetheless, they do plan ahead. 49% buy ALL of the items on the list and 49% buy MOST of the items on the list. Thus, if a brand want to ensure that millennials will buy their products, they have to become “list-worthy.” For example, “Lays potato chips” rather…