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Why you shouldn’t buy an email list

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to my first Email Community Meet Up last Monday. Everyone in the room had some form of email marketing experience, and yes, some opinions were tossed around. Surprisingly, the meeting started off with a basic topic, and the whole group shared the same opinion. Buying an Email List Is A Bad Idea. I was surprised at how many hands flew up when asked, “How many of us are asked if we can buy an email list”? I was even more surprised to see the person next to me mouth the words EVERY DAY while raising her hand because… I work with her! So on my drive home I try to put myself in one of our partner’s shoes. Maybe we get this question so much because it’s fairly common to buy an address list for Direct Mail? Sure, growing an email list isn’t easy, but that is why it is considered the best way to communicate with your customers. You can gauge your customer’s trust in your store by how many…

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Email Design for the Non-Designer [Recap]

What makes a good email? That was the question we were discussing last week at the KCDMA event, “Email Design for the Non-Designer”. Presented by Justine Jordan of Litmus, we looked at email marketing strategy, design and process. So what does make a good email (in terms of design and otherwise)? A good email should be innovative, useful, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long-lasting, through and aesthetic. These design principles were put together originally by Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer, way back in the 1980s… yet they still apply very much to today. BUILDING A GOOD EMAIL When you begin crafting your email, the first question you should ask yourself is: Who is your audience? Think about the strategy behind the email. Then follow that up by asking: What do you want them to do? Here are a few tactics we discussed that can help you build a good email campaign: Alignment – Creates order and organization, it’s the scaffolding for your email. Stick to left alignment in most cases since Western languages read right to left. Center alignment can be…

Why you need an email program for your store in 2015

Why You Need an Email Program for Your Store in 2015

If you’re looking to grow your business in the online arena (which really is a must in 2015), email marketing is probably the most powerful tool to help you do so. Email offers something no other communication channel is able to: a direct connection to your customer in real time (not to mention the useful data capture that allows you to improve how you interact with your customers). EMAIL RANKS #1 WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS Today, when it comes to promoting your products and business, email reigns supreme over social media and every other marketing channel (digital or traditional). When HubSpot asked 569 consumers which channel do they receive the most sales messages from companies, email was number one.   And when they asked consumers how they prefer to be contacted regarding products they are interested in, email was again number one.   Do you see a trend? This means that your customers of all ages prefer to receive promotional information from your business via email. (Side note: this doesn’t mean social isn’t important for selling, it just means it shouldn’t be your…

A podcast: Where we’ve been & where we’re going in 2015

What do you actually do? What are 3 tips you’d give a B2C business for reaching its marketing base? What’s ahead for 2015? Who influences me in the marketing space? These were all questions I was asked this past week in a podcast with Jeff Julian of AJi Software on the Midwest Marketing Show. Jeff asked me to be on the show after hearing about all the cool stuff AWG does in the Business to Business and Business to Consumer spaces. The podcast is 26 minutes long and takes you on a journey of how I got started in Marketing through helping grocery retailers succeed in the digital and in-store marketing spaces. Give it a listen here: http://ajisoftware.com/Media/MidwestMarketing/04-KateFavrow

Driving Traffic to your Website Why It's All About Email Graphic

Using Email to Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are numerous ways to funnel customers to your website. A fine-tuned SEO approach is important for organic customer acquisition, and a strong social media plan provides a perfect avenue to deliver fresh content to your customers. However, your most valuable customers (those who have passed through the acquisition part of the marketing funnel) already know about your website. So how do you keep them coming back? Believe it or not, it’s all about email. Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing channels around, yet it continues to be an extremely effective method to reach your customers… when done right. To ensure your emails are the most effective, make sure to follow these tips: Personalize it. Add a personal touch to your email by adding your customers name in the subject line, pre-text or body. This will help increase open rates and help your customers feel like you’ve tailored this email just for them. Clear call-to-action. What do you want your customer to do? Click a link to your weekly ad? RSVP to an upcoming event? Make it easy for them…

Slide with Springsteen in the background that says "The Audience is not brought to you or given to you. It's something that you fight for. You can't forget that, especially if you've had some success"

Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers

For years marketers have been trying to reach as many people as humanly possible. In the grocery industry, we print thousands of ads each week and distribute them through newspapers and direct mail. We cast a big net in hopes of getting the sales and foot traffic we’re looking for. But is that the best way to do it? Does casting the largest net, going after the largest audience, equal customers in the stores? In this age of subscribers, fans & followers, Jeffrey Rohrs says maybe not. I saw Rohrs speak at an American Marketing Association event recently and his talk centered around how we’ve become about numbers: which brand has the most likes on their facebook page or the most followers on twitter. Yet, in many instances that’s not what is most important. The important part of that audience, or those numbers, is how the people those numbers represent engage with the brand. Are they finding the posted content worthy of their time? The only way to know that is whether they are sharing, liking, retweeting and otherwise engaging…

Your Store's Brand graphic.

Your Store’s Branding

Birds do it. Bee’s do it. But what the heck does marketing have to do with it? Insects, birds, wind and even water are all vehicles for pollen, and they make cross-pollination possible. In nature, cross-pollination can produce stronger and more vigorous plants than those produced by self-pollinated plants. For example: butterflies need pollen for food and plants need butterflies to spread pollen, so each species has developed traits to aid in these goals. Plants that attract butterflies have developed very bright colors while butterflies have developed a strong sense of sight to see the colors. Without cross-pollination, this symbiotic relationship couldn’t be possible. Now think of your marketing strategy. What vehicles are you using to spread you marketing message to your customers? Website? Weekly print ads? Bag stuffers, text messages, email, Facebook or Twitter? When you try a new vehicle do you put it to the test with help from other vehicles or do you have a “sink or swim” philosophy? Our department has witnessed many times a key to a successful campaign is one that uses a cross-channel strategy to…