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Quote: "Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign." -Jon Buscall

The Latest Trends in Social Media Content Planning & Listening

Last week, I attended the emfluence User Conference with several of my AWG Marketing colleagues. The conference gathered digital marketers and IT professionals from a variety of industries to learn about the latest trends surrounding social media and email marketing. Alyssa Murfey, emfluence’s own Director of Strategy, presented “Social Content Planning & Listening” covering new features, ideas and strategies affecting social media content. Here are a few key points: Google Analytics This important tool is loaded with features to help you discover the types of digital content that are working for your brand and also guide future posts. If you’re not looking at this data, it’s time to start! One metric that you may want to take a look at is Trackbacks. This report shows you the people who are sharing links to your content. This creates a great opportunity to form relationships with people who are already your brand advocates. It also allows you to examine what kind of content is appealing to others. Pinterest Formally known as the social site for women and weddings, Pinterest has been changing.…

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Like, Share and Retweet Your Way to a Loyal Fan Base with Social Media Promotions

Even though social media was created for online social interaction between individuals, that doesn’t mean brands can’t join the fun! And while brands use social media platforms in a slightly different way than your friend sharing a funny cat video, businesses can still use social media in entertaining ways to interact with their fan base. Successful brand pages share entertaining or interesting content related to their industry, product or service. Brands also use social media as an outlet to answer common questions from customers. As Jason pointed out in a recent post, businesses should use social media profiles to engage followers before immediately promoting their products and services. A fun way to interact with your customers is to run a social media promotion. What is a social media promotion? A social media promotion is a contest or drawing that requires fans/followers to participate in some way to enter. Why should I run a promotion on my social media platform? The most important reason to run a promotion is to interact with your customers. Remember that social media is two-way communication.…

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Changing the Story: Responding to negative feedback on social media

The AWG digital marketing team works with our retailers to develop and grow their online presence by creating and maintaining websites, email marketing platforms and social media profiles. When a retailer signs up to create a social media profile, usually a Facebook page, one of their first questions to us is “What happens if a customer leaves a negative comment on my page?” As Cara suggested in her recent post about transparency in social media, you should answer it. This is a scary prospect for many store owners and managers. Unlike answering a customer complaint in-store, this complaint is online for everyone to see and it will remain there until you take it down or delete your profile. Sometimes our retailers want to delete these comments immediately without responding to the complaint. While we understand the temptation to remove this kind of negative feedback posted on a public forum, there are several key reasons why it isn’t a good idea to delete negative feedback (posts/comments/reviews). First, if you delete the comment without responding to it any way, you are likely going to…