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Greer's Seven Sizzlin Meats

Social Media Campaigns

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that I mention the term social media campaigns a lot. But what exactly does that mean? The word campaign might bring to mind images of Don Draper in “Mad Men” but you don’t need a New York ad agency to run a successful social media campaign. A campaign on social media can be as big or as small as you want it to be but it has the potential to make a big effect on your customers and your sales. An example of a small social media campaign is a recent meat sale campaign done by Murfin’s Market, an AWG member with four locations in southern Missouri. The store was having a one day meat sale at all four locations on the Friday before Father’s Day weekend. I helped them create a boosted post with a link to their ad on the website so customers could see all of the items available in the one day sale. Murfin’s spent $50 on that post and it ran the Thursday before and…

The Mindful Millennial and Cause Marketing

Two of the biggest challenges facing grocery retail in 2018 will be millennials and mindfulness. With unlimited technology literally sitting in most customers pockets, mindfulness is going to be one of the biggest trends in 2018. Pew Research Center has predicted that millennials will surpass baby boomers as the largest living adult generation in 2019. This is changing the landscape of how grocery stores market themselves and do business. Price and quality are very comparable nowadays and millennials look to support causes when they shop. Visibility into the practices of businesses is the clearest it has ever been, so customers (mainly millennials) are now holding stores and companies accountable socially and ethically. 80% of consumers believe that businesses must play a role in addressing societal issues. So what does this all mean for grocery stores?   Two words: Cause Marketing. What is cause marketing? Cause marketing is when a company partners with a charitable organization to address a social or environmental problem. 91% of Americans want more products to support causes. So what can you do? AWG has the partner…

BBQ Chicken Pockets is the May Recipe of the Month

AWG Brands Digital Promotions: May 2018 Edition

Is anyone else thinking, “How is it May already?” Time for your monthly AWG Brands newsletter. Here are the content opportunities you can take advantage of this May: Best Choice Recipe of the Month Each month, Best Choice publishes the Recipe of the Month online – this recipe can also be found in the 2018 Best Choice Calendar. May’s recipe is for Sunrise Baked Tomatoes https://bestchoicebrand.com/news/sunrise-baked-tomatoes/. The recipe can be shared from the Best Choice website using the link above or from the Best Choice social media sites. The native files which includes the word document and graphics of the recipe, can be found in the recipes folder.   Best Choice New Recipe Video  Best Choice regularly produces professional-grade recipe videos. May’s recipe video is for BBQ Chicken Pockets. The video goes live on the Best Choice website May 1 and can be accessed through this link: https://bestchoicebrand.com/news/recipe-video-bbq-chicken-pockets/. It is also viewable on YouTube: https://youtu.be/UbJ7Sh39nzE. Retailers are encouraged to either share these links, or share the video natively through the original files, which can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tlnvvokb5f90k-HIjtMVNKi8vpo2il1c.   Digital…

The Market Hall in Rotterdam

Tips for Grocery Shopping

This morning a blog post was shared on my Twitter timeline, 50 Tips for Grocery Shopping. I figured anyone who took the time to come up with a 50 item list had put some serious thought into things. I wondered how retailers could use the tips from this family of seven to improve their shopper experience. Check out the full list, but here are some of the highlights 1. Always go with a list. If you go without a list, you may as well just throw your money away. Better yet, donate it to me — I probably need it more than you. 🙂 Seriously, though, you need to prepare a list of everything you need, pulling from your weekly menu (next tip) and checking to make sure you don’t have it in your pantry, fridge or freezer. Make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Now stick to that list. The number one tip was about list making. In fact, 10 percent of the tips were list related. How are you making it easier for customers to make lists? Most retailers…

Tablet, Digital Notebook, Online Marketing

Online Targeted Advertising Webinar Recap

I recently hosted a webinar to discuss the opportunities retailers have with our Online Targeted Advertising program. During the webinar, we discussed the current digital marketing trends that point toward success with digital initiatives like OTA and how they can drive traffic to websites and stores. To start the webinar, Christine Walsh of Brick Inc. began the discussion by outlining the four formats that this program utilizes to reach potential customers. These formats include images, text, video and audio to deliver branded and targeted messages to website visitors in locations that the user requests. Next, Christine explained the current trends and statistics that show how adults over 18 in the U.S. view digital ads at a rate of 14 times that of print advertisements. This, coupled with the fact that over 60% of these adults prefer digital ads compared to print, offers insight into just how effective a sustained digital display campaign can be for retailers of any size. Christine then explained a survey that detailed why these online users prefer this type of digital advertisement. The five most important…

Grocer Pod – Episode 1

 The debut episode of Associated Wholesale Pod features conversations with Heather Standifer, Kurt Kloeben, and Kevin Phipps. Sean Kosednar starts the show with how your store can integrate into the community. Also discusses Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, National Ice Cream Month and how traditional retailers can stay competitive in the digital landscape.

Food Holidays or: Every Day

People often joke that it’s always an “national something day” and despite the fact that they’re joking, they’re actually correct. There is literally a national (insert noun) day every day, and many of those nouns are food. I recently listened to an NPR podcast about how some food holidays were born. Many of these food holidays were created by people and organizations whose job it is to promote these items. Others were created by Congress, which reached its peak in 1985-86, when one in every three laws passed created a commemorative day, week or month. The podcast also interviewed a lady who created 1,900 holidays just because she thought they’d make someone’s day brighter. National Raisin Day has been around since at least 1910! With nearly every day being a national “something” holiday, you’d think they’d all lose their importance, and that’s true to a certain degree. But you can pick-and-choose a few relevant ones to help drive traffic to your business and increase sales. First of all, the abundance of food holidays make for easy social content. A quick Facebook…

Introducing Best Choice Frozen Pizza Line

Best Choice Digital Promotions See Success

AWG Brands continuously evolves its digital strategy to include fun, online promotions that are free for member retailers to utilize. These result in increased customer engagements online and in-stores. The most recent promotion hosted online by Best Choice was the “10 Days of Pizza”, which took place in January. Through this promotion, Best Choice introduced its new line of rising and thin crust frozen pizzas to its online customer base. Best Choice social media followers had the chance to win free pizza certificates by entering on an online form. Participants could enter once per day each of the 10 days. After the 10 days were complete, Best Choice rewarded 10 customers with 3 free pizza certificates each and a grand-prize winner won 10 free pizza certificates for the entire line. Each day, social media posts also introduced a new flavor of the pizza line (10 total) and shared the giveaway link for customers to enter. A blog post also accompanied the social posts. Besides the cost of the pizza certificates, the budget for this promotion was low and completely covered…

The Hangover Zack Galifianakis Equations

Leveraging the Facebook Algorithm

Retailers regularly ask me, “Why didn’t I see my store’s Facebook post show up on my timeline?” or “How do we get more people to see our posts?” I explain the mysterious, ever-changing Facebook algorithm and encourage them to either post within the current best practices for getting organic reach (which regularly changes), or I suggest trying a boosted post, Facebook ad or contest. But I’m going to change the way I approach the answer to this question from now on. Last week I attended an AAF-KC Accelerations Breakfast with guest speaker, Ramsey Mohsen of Did You Know. He broke down the best ways to leverage the Facebook algorithm so businesses and brands don’t always have to turn to paid promotions and contests. Some of you might be asking why Facebook even uses an algorithm to determine what content you will see. Put bluntly, when you have more than a billion people logging in to a platform, putting everything in the newsfeed is overwhelming. So Facebook uses a formula to determine what content will actually appear in your personal newsfeed.…

Always Save brand Chocolate Lover's Month Giveaway graphic

AWG Brands Promotions of the Month: February Edition

Last month, I wrote about AWG Brands’ digital promotions initiatives and how these contests, giveaways, coupons and other content engages your customers and increases foot traffic in stores. The 10 Days of Pizza promotion has been successful in kicking off the year and accomplishing these goals. Now it’s time to look at what’s on tap for February! Always Save is the lucky brand to host a giveaway this month. February is National Chocolate Lover’s Month, so of course, we’re celebrating all things chocolate! Customers can enter to win a chocolate-themed product prize pack online through this link: http://woobox.com/z66xwt February 1-24. Always Save will announce the winner on February 27. Look at the Always Save Facebook page and website for graphics and content retailers can share on their own pages to promote this giveaway and encourage their own customers to win.   Looking for more content for your stores’ social media and websites? Here are some ideas: Best Choice produces a monthly recipe video. This month is Valentine’s Day-themed featuring a fun recipe for Heart Cupcakes. You can find supporting information…