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Best Choice Frozen Pizza - 10 Days of Pizza Graphic

AWG Brands Promotions Help Connect Retailers to Consumers

AWG Brands connect with today’s digitally-savvy consumers through a robust online presence. Each brand boasts its own website complete with ever-changing content including recipes, customer support, and a social media hub. The brands also engage with consumers though fun online giveaways that our marketing department creates and the AWG Brands Department supports financially, making it free for member retailers to utilize. If you’re not sharing these promotions with your customers, this is the perfect year to start! The first promotion of the year, the Best Choice 10 Days of Pizza, starts next week. This fun promotion is a way for Best Choice to introduce its new line of rising and thin crust pizzas to the public – this engages customers online (which increases brand awareness) and drives sales in stores. The promotion runs January 22-31. During this time, social media followers will have the chance to win free pizza certificates by entering through a giveaway form posted on the Best Choice social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and website. Participants can enter once per day each of the 10 days. At the…

Signs, Signs. Everywhere a Digital Sign

Menu boards and posters are so 1980s that they still go roller skating. Not to mention you have to keep updating the content on them and hope that you don’t misspell Worcestershire again, which will most assuredly garner some laughter from your employees. Why not use something more engaging that can be reviewed and edited, scheduled, even animated to cater to your specific audience? Digital signage is nothing new, but it keeps gaining momentum as it reaches new eyes in stores and at events around the world. If you’re considering adding this type of marketing tool to your store, there are a few things you should know before jumping in. Be Consistent The first thing people often overlook with digital signage and its content is consistency. There’s nothing more off-putting than an unreadable font with a bright, abrasive background that makes someone feel as though they’re going blind. Keeping a simple theme throughout your digital campaigns can help to keep the attention of those in your store and will also prevent them from screaming in pain as your neon-green banners…

Header photo. Loaf of bread - Plated. A Case Study

Pros & Cons of Meal Kit Delivery: What Retailers Should Know

Earlier this year, Jason shared a blog post introducing the phenomena of meal kits and the quick growth this market has experienced. I’ve heard a lot of hype about meal kits and finally decided to give one a try. Not only was I curious about their popularity, I also figured it would be great market research. By knowing the pros and cons of meal kit subscriptions, retailers can use this information to compete in this attractive market that’s taking dollars away from grocery stores. The Study The meal kit service I subscribed to is Plated. Pricing for this service is about $12 per serving and around $6 for shipping. Subscribers can choose to buy two to seven meals per week, each at two to three servings per meal. After filling out a quick survey on food preferences, Plated picks meals that it thinks you will like for the week; however, you can swap meals to match your personal flavor preferences from a choice of about seven to ten recipes. Pros Ingredients: I’ve cooked four meals so far, and everything I’ve…

Pokemon Go Logo

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Using Pokemon Go to Attract Customers

By now you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Pokémon Go craze. Have you been hearing about how it’s helping businesses get more foot traffic in their stores but you’re a little confused about how it works? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! The good news is, it’s relatively simple and inexpensive to use this new game to get more current and potential customers into your store! First and foremost, Pokémon Go isn’t a game just for kids. Adults are enjoying the game too, either with their kids or even by themselves! It’s an free app you can download on your phone that accesses your phone’s camera and uses your geographic location so you can “find” Pokémon characters that are nearby. The app is an “augmented reality” game so it will superimpose images of Pokémon characters on your camera when you have the app open. As a player, you have to “capture” the characters to get points. The game uses an algorithm to place these characters in certain locations across the globe. Some locations have more characters than…

NGA Social Media Management Webinar Header

Social Media – Put It To Work For You: An NGA Recap

On this blog, we’ve shared with you specific social media channels and strategies for how to best utilize those channels for your store(s). We’ve even shared insights about how to integrate certain facets into your social media strategy. But what about your overall social media strategy and planning? Well, you’re in luck! The National Grocers Association (NGA) recently sponsored a webinar covering the major points you to consider with your social media marketing plan in order to get the most out of it. The webinar, titled “Social Media – Put It To Work For You!” was hosted by Laura Strange, Senior Director & Communications and Marketing at NGA, and Elizabeth Weddington, Social Media Manager at AR Marketing. They discussed the social media strategy process all the way from program goals to content calendars and tools. When creating and executing your social media strategy, ask yourself and your team the following questions. What are you doing now and what do you want to do? Determine Social Media Goals Do you want to increase brand awareness for your store? Do you want…

US covered with national flags

Marketing in a Country of Cultures

Currently there are 15 states beyond the tipping point and 8 others that are very close. What is “tipping point” you ask? It’s the point where the majority becomes the minority. We are a country that is very diverse culturally and continuing to grow in that direction. Recent Census Bureau projections show that in 2043/44 the US population will be less than 50% non-Hispanic whites. So now days when marketing products or services we need think away from whom we’ve always thought of as our target audience. At a recent event Hallmark’s Monic Houpe explained their 3-pronged strategy on how they market to different cultures. Cultural Specificity- Solutions that are targeted to a specific culturally identifiable group. Take a good look at the entire environment and find a connection to the target audience and be authentic when delivering the message. You can’t just cut a white person out of an ad, plug in a Hispanic person and think that you’ve successfully achieved cultural marketing. Multicultural Relevance- Solutions with heightened relevance to non-white consumers that are driven by ethnic insight, but…

AWG Brands website Screenshot

Here’s What’s New from AWG Brands’ Digital Marketing

Throughout 2015, we saw an increase in retailers using social media and digital marketing for their stores. AWG Brands supports these retailers with exciting digital content such as blogging, social media contests, giveaways and online-only coupons, among other tactics. To help answer questions about which digital platforms AWG Brands uses, we created a one-page handout available for download here AWGbrandAssets. This is a great resource to have on hand. We’ve also revamped awgbrands.com! It has been transformed into a business to business website for our member retailers to use to gather information about digital promotions, brand basics and more. Please take time to check out the updates. Consumers are encouraged to visit the individual brand sites that we updated last year: www.bestchoicebrand.com www.clearlyorganicbrand.com www.superiorselectionsbrand.com www.alwayssavebrand.com Finally, we prepared a short video for those visual learners who want to know about the digital marketing and promotions happening with AWG Brands. Click here to watch the video: For more information on these exciting promotions available FREE for AWG member retailers, click here: https://awgadvertising.com//portfolio/store-brands-promos/

Assortment of Best Choice products

The Evolution of AWG Brands

Private-label, store brands, generic versions – what were once looked upon as cheap, inferior products have evolved into popular brand portfolios with loyal customers. AWG Brands, like Best Choice and Clearly Organic, historically have been priced lower compared to leading national brands because they don’t carry advertising and promotional costs that most national brands do. Although our store brands still boast a lower cost, the AWG Brands team has worked to develop a promotional program to better assist retailers in marketing these products and increasing sales over the past few years. Evidence shows that these tactics are working and the perception surrounding store brands is becoming more favorable. According to a recent Nielson study 71 percent of global respondents say private-label quality has improved over time. As we enter the last quarter of the year, marketing plans for 2016 are already in the works. Here’s an update on the enhancements made so far: Both Best Choice and Clearly Organic recently received logo makeovers. These brand upgrades resonate better with today’s consumers and are easily recognizable. The brand logos are not…

Shopper with tablet

Millennials: Retail’s New Bread and Butter

Something you may not know about Millennials is that they are a technically savvy generation. Ok, maybe that’s not quite a surprise because many Millennials grew up with the Internet and were able to find information with a couple of key stokes. On the other hand, Gen X and Baby Boomers had to go to a library, navigate the Dewy Decimal System through a ridiculously cumbersome card catalog, or search through 87 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica to find their content. Information has become easier and easier to absorb throughout the years and the millennial generation is able to consume more content faster and easier than any other generation in history. Currently, the millennial generation makes up about 25% of the U.S. population, which makes their generation larger than the Baby Boomers. The purchasing power of this generation measures above a Trillion dollars! That’s more than one thousand times Michael Jordan’s net worth, or 1.3 million times a million. Either way that’s a lot of money that Millennials are adding into circulation. Understanding their immense spending ability, retailers need to…

Social Media Icons On Banners

Like, Share and Retweet Your Way to a Loyal Fan Base with Social Media Promotions

Even though social media was created for online social interaction between individuals, that doesn’t mean brands can’t join the fun! And while brands use social media platforms in a slightly different way than your friend sharing a funny cat video, businesses can still use social media in entertaining ways to interact with their fan base. Successful brand pages share entertaining or interesting content related to their industry, product or service. Brands also use social media as an outlet to answer common questions from customers. As Jason pointed out in a recent post, businesses should use social media profiles to engage followers before immediately promoting their products and services. A fun way to interact with your customers is to run a social media promotion. What is a social media promotion? A social media promotion is a contest or drawing that requires fans/followers to participate in some way to enter. Why should I run a promotion on my social media platform? The most important reason to run a promotion is to interact with your customers. Remember that social media is two-way communication.…