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Trending Now: September

September is the official start of the fall season. The fall equinox is in late September, all schools are back in session, and football season is in full swing! Stores should be prepping for comfort foods and cold-weather dishes as the weather outside starts to get a little cooler. Perennial fall favorites include soups, casseroles, hearty dishes and slow cooker meals. Don’t forget about Instant Pot recipes that are perfect for easy meals on those busy school nights. Speaking of school, Sean mentioned in the August Trending Now post that back to school is a big focus this time of year. Parents might already be running out of healthy ideas for lunch and after school snacks, so help them stay on track by keeping healthy kid-friendly snacks and ingredients well stocked. Sean also mentioned that pumpkin spice is back as early as the end of August. A lot of brands are including pumpkin spice flavoring in their products but even if you don’t have the latest pumpkin product at your store, you can still help you customers satisfy that craving…


Trending Now: August

As summer draws to a close, it’s time for back-to-school. Back-to-school content spans numerous categories. Stores should obviously carry a selection of school supplies. Also think about school lunch staples, and anything that can be easily prepared for lunches. More than ever parents are wanting to make sure their kids have healthy options, so make sure to make those easy to find. Back-to-school doesn’t stop at lunch, however. Smart retailers will feature quick and easy breakfast options as well. The arrival of school means extracurricular activities. Families are starting to have to rush dinner again. Make things easy for them, by providing prepared foods, or meal kits. Anything that will make getting dinner on the table easier will be welcomed this time of year. The end of August means Labor Day Weekend. Obviously, you need to be promoting grilling favorites. Don’t forget about charcoal or propane either. If you have a propane program this would be a great time to get the word out. You can’t have hot dogs and hamburgers without buns and condiments. Make things easy on shoppers…


Trending Now: June

The heat of summer has finally arrived as the season of the sun is in full swing. People are finding refuge in the air conditioning and with cold treats and drinks. With the kids home for the summer, families are looking for activities for the kids, which can include fun in the kitchen. However, bringing multiple kids to the grocery store can be a daunting challenge and some families are looking for ecommerce as an easy solution. Here’s a look at what we saw trending in June: Special one-day or two-day deals on bottled water and other refreshing drinks were and still are a good way to get customers in the door. A retailer recently sent a text offer for Best Choice Bottled Water 24-packs and the redemption rates were around 20%. When a customer redeemed the water offer, their basket sizes increased by 50% at one store and 62% at the other. With the kids home for the summer, it’s also a perfect time to have some fun in the kitchen while teaching them cooking basics. On your social…

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Trending Now: May

Food trends in May are all about Mother’s Day, warmer weather, cooler foods and drinks, campouts, and the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day. Most people think of breakfast in bed or brunch when they think of Mother’s Day. But a lot of sweet treats popped up on the internet this month to help you show the moms in your life how much you care. Like these delicious Mother’s Day cakes or this beautiful edible bouquet. May isn’t just about moms. It’s also the time of year when everyone is preparing for summer. The temperatures get warmer and the food and drinks get colder. It’s the perfect time to start breaking out refreshing summer drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Expect lots of fun summer treats with boozy twists like these champagne popsicles. Or something fun for the kids like mermaid layered slushies. As the temperatures increase, more people are going outside to enjoy the sunshine. This means more cookouts and picnics. Flavorful fresh salads are a popular side dish at these outdoor events, along with other types of tasty sides…


Trending Now: April

Trends in April were dominated by holidays. Some are official, and some aren’t. Major League Baseball’s opening day may not officially be a holiday, but plenty of people treat it as such. Baseball’s grueling six month season can cause all by the most passionate fans to tune out, but everyone loves the romance of opening day. It is no surprise that ballpark and tailgate fare are popular at the start of April. Hot dogs, burgers, chips, Cracker Jack I don’t care if I ever get back, are all obvious things to push in early April, especially if your store is near a baseball stadium. Easter and Passover also fall in April. Expect shoppers to be stocking up for large family meals. Easter traditions vary. Some families opt for a brunch, while others go for the full meal. This means you need to promote a wide range of items. The one thing that most everyone will be looking for is eggs. Dying Easter eggs is obviously very popular year after year. Customers look to by larger quantities than usual. With that…


Trending Now: March

It’s happening, folks. The Brits are after us and they aren’t even trying to hide it. Over the past month, I’ve seen quite a few articles that compare how Americans do things in the kitchen to that of the Queen’s underlings. As a side note to this clash of UK and USA culinary delight, March brings with it a flurry of recipes that date back to cobblestone covered streets in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. (I know, Ireland is neither part of the UK, nor is it British. Though Northern Ireland is. Don’t @me.) These recipes and traditions, along with some new fuel to the Revolutionary War fire, all top the charts for what’s trending through March. Nothing Particularly Healthy Unless you’re into that “good clean livin’” part of life, as you should be. Corned beef hash, corned beef and cabbage, corned beef and corned corn. It’s all out there, just take a few antacids before you fall too far down the rabbit hole. So many recipes this month seem to revolve around the idea that Irish folk only eat…

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Trending Now: February

It’s time for our second installment of Trending Now! I’ll make this quick before something else takes the place of these items currently taking the internet by storm. I spend too much time on social media and follow a ton of food accounts, so I guess that’s not such a bad thing after all! Here’s what I’ve noticed lately: Rumors: Word is spreading that grocery ecommerce isn’t taking off as fast as expected and stores aren’t making as much as they had hoped. I have lots of thoughts about this. At the VMC show last week, a member said to me, “I know online shopping isn’t going away, this is a long-term play,” and he’s right. It’s definitely not a silver bullet to save a struggling store and it takes a lot of effort on the part of the store to make it successful. It’s not a “if-you-build-it-they-will-come” scenario. You have to let the right people know about it, entice them to try it, and then you have to impress the heck out of them to keep them coming back.…

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We’re excited to announce a new blog series here at AWG Sales Services. Each month a member of our social media team will publish a “Trending Now” blog post, highlighting the food trends we are seeing online that month. What better way to start than with a quick overview of 2019 food trend predictions! After researching multiple sites and articles, I found a few major themes for the food trends you are likely to see in 2019. Plants: Meatless Monday is more than a hashtag. More consumers are turning to plant-based foods or even plant-based meat alternatives, even if they aren’t strictly vegan or vegetarian. Whether it stems from a personal choice to not eat meat or reduce the meat in their diet due to environmental impacts, customers are adding more plant-based foods to their shopping carts. Protein: Despite the growing interest in meat alternatives, protein is still a high priority for consumers as paleo and keto diets continue to grow in popularity. Higher protein and lower-carb are the main focus of these two diets and customers will be looking…