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Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Using Pokemon Go to Attract Customers

By now you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Pokémon Go craze. Have you been hearing about how it’s helping businesses get more foot traffic in their stores but you’re a little confused about how it works? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one! The good news is, it’s relatively simple and inexpensive to use this new game to get more current and potential customers into your store! First and foremost, Pokémon Go isn’t a game just for kids. Adults are enjoying the game too, either with their kids or even by themselves! It’s an free app you can download on your phone that accesses your phone’s camera and uses your geographic location so you can “find” Pokémon characters that are nearby. The app is an “augmented reality” game so it will superimpose images of Pokémon characters on your camera when you have the app open. As a player, you have to “capture” the characters to get points. The game uses an algorithm to place these characters in certain locations across the globe. Some locations have more characters than…

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Say More With Twitter

You may have already heard but Twitter is making a major change to their platform that will affect the 140-character limit of your tweets. In the coming months, using an account handle (@name) in a reply and all media attachments (photos, gifs, videos and polls) will no longer count against your 140 characters. So how does this affect how you will use Twitter? Change the Conversation Removing handles from replies will make it easier to have conversations with one or even multiple accounts on Twitter. If you’re including several handles in a reply, you don’t have to write in such short sentences that others will have to decode your response! Get More Attached …to attachments, that is. You can say more about the media attachments you include in your tweet. You can add more commentary, humor or insight to those pictures and videos you tweet out. Talk About Yourself Ok, so it’s not that self-indulgent. You can retweet or quote yourself if you want to add more to a tweet you already sent. Stop Using Awkward Punctuation You can stop using…

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How Social Listening Can Increase Customer Engagement

The water cooler is lonely. In today’s world, the “water cooler” conversations have moved into the digital realm of forum posts, blogs and social media. Tapping into and listening to these conversations should be a key piece of your store’s marketing strategy. I joined in on an American Marketing Association webcast today titled “How Innovation in Social Listening Ignites Marketing Success, which was sponsored by Netbase.”. In this post, I’ll highlight some takeaways from this webcast which can help increase your customer engagement and overall satisfaction. When it comes to tracking digital conversations, there are two approaches today. Social monitoring, is the traditional method of reacting and responding to topics made by users online. Social listening, a newer technology, allows for exploration and discovery of insights to gain a better understanding of who your audience is. The insights gained about your audience can be leveraged for customer acquisition, customer retention and increasing your overall brand value. Specifically, social listening can help you understand what your current customers are talking about online. Now, you might be wondering, ‘why would I care what…

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Social Media – Put It To Work For You: An NGA Recap

On this blog, we’ve shared with you specific social media channels and strategies for how to best utilize those channels for your store(s). We’ve even shared insights about how to integrate certain facets into your social media strategy. But what about your overall social media strategy and planning? Well, you’re in luck! The National Grocers Association (NGA) recently sponsored a webinar covering the major points you to consider with your social media marketing plan in order to get the most out of it. The webinar, titled “Social Media – Put It To Work For You!” was hosted by Laura Strange, Senior Director & Communications and Marketing at NGA, and Elizabeth Weddington, Social Media Manager at AR Marketing. They discussed the social media strategy process all the way from program goals to content calendars and tools. When creating and executing your social media strategy, ask yourself and your team the following questions. What are you doing now and what do you want to do? Determine Social Media Goals Do you want to increase brand awareness for your store? Do you want…

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The five W’s and H of video production

Anyone who has taken a journalism class is no doubt familiar with the five W’s. For those of you who chose to make money instead of pursuing journalism the five W’s are who, what, where, when, why and how. I am adapting this idea for storytelling to video production. This post is meant as a follow up to my first post on why you should get into video, so check that out before reading on. Who – Before doing anything figure out who your audience is. Your final product will be radically different if you are making something for colleagues or customers. For me, deciding on an audience is the single biggest determining factor for what you will create. What – This seems obvious, what is the content of your video going to be.  It absolutely is important to know what your content will look like. I mentioned storyboarding before. The planning will save you a lot of time. Draw out what each shot will look like. I won’t lie to you, this is going to seem very tedious. You…

Influencer Marketing The New Age of Social Media

Influencer Marketing: The New Age of Social Media

One of the best benefits of social media marketing is the instant, two-way communication you have with your customers. You can get immediate feedback from them on any type of message you post/tweet. Even if the feedback is negative, you have the opportunity to turn it into a positive by addressing their issues or concerns, and hopefully making them happy by the end of the interaction. This real-time communication and interaction also allows for your customers to act as brand ambassadors for your store. A brand ambassador is a customer who supports your store on your social media profiles as well as on their own. Ideally, brands want ambassadors who are social media influencers. A social influencer is somebody who has a substantial and positive social media following on their own profiles. To be a truly authentic brand ambassador, a person should regularly use your product(s) or patronize your business, and then share their experiences with your brand on their social media profiles.   Last week I attended an AAFKC (American Advertising Federation, Kansas City) Wednesday Accelerations breakfast on “Influencer…

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2016 Business Communicators Summit Recap

On Tuesday I attended the 2016 Business Communicators Summit (BCS), sponsored by the International Association of Business Communicators (Kansas City chapter). More than 100 local business communication professionals attended lectures and breakout sessions led by a group of highly successful business communicators who shared their knowledge and expertise. The BCS continues to be a great professional development resource for all types of business communicators, including social media marketers. Several speakers at this year’s event discussed social media and digital marketing in their presentations and offered great insights to the audience. In fact, the keynote speaker was social media speaker, trainer and author, Peg Fitzpatrick. She presented her “power tips” for social media marketing. She covered three main topics: building your foundation, attracting more followers and feeding the content monster. Build Your Foundation Fitzpatrick highlighted the importance of optimizing your social media profile. You should have a quality profile picture and cover photo. It should look professional but relatable. For individuals, she even recommended that selfies are perfectly fine for professional profile pictures. So snap away! Another important focus on your…

Four Major Social Media Channels and Logos Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest

AWG Social Media Webinar Recap

Recently I hosted a webinar for AWG retailers to share with them the best strategies for marketing on social media. I covered the basics elements of marketing on the four major social media channels that are currently being used by our retailers: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. First, I discussed the most ideal content to share on each channel. Facebook Pictures (graphics, in-store pictures, photo albums, etc.) Links (pay attention to the picture and text on the link previews to make sure they look professional) Text (make sure it isn’t too long) Post once (no more than twice) day Twitter Links to long articles, web pages, etc. Short engagement questions or quotes Pictures Tweet as often as you want…within reason. REMINDER: Twitter accounts do well in areas with a younger demographic, like a college town. Instagram Video (users are limited to 15 seconds but promoted posts are allowed up to 30 seconds) No links (you can only include hyperlinks in your bio) The text caption for you picture will truncate after several lines so try to keep it short. Besides,…

The New Way to Taco Bell Isn't On Twitter It's Only In the App

Listen Up: Using social media chatter to build a stronger brand

“What is possible when you know what the whole world is thinking about any topic at any time?” – John Heywood, Twitter It’s an almost overwhelming question that John Heywood, product manager at Twitter, poses to businesses and brands. Yet at the same time, it’s amazing to think about the information that can be pulled from open social media platforms like Twitter, and how businesses can use that data to provide the best experience for potential and current customers. Heywood posed this question at the recent American Marketing Association webcast, sponsored by NetBase™, titled “Millenials & Social: How Taco Bell Reached Millions with Mobile App Launch.” In addition to Heywood, the webcast was also led by Mihir Minawala (manager of Social, Industry & Competitive Intel, Taco Bell) and Pernille Bruun-Jensen (CMO, NetBase). All three companies worked together to launch the new Taco Bell ordering app. They used this launch as an example of how new social media data is being used in exciting, ground-breaking ways to succeed in marketing to millenials. NetBase and Twitter teamed up to provide Taco Bell…