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photo of eye tracking device

Eye Tracking for Website Analytics

I was reading an article recently about eye-tracking systems that are being used in the gaming community. While someone is sitting in front of a computer monitor or other electronic device running a video game, this tracking device can see where someone is looking or see the motion of an eye relative to the head. Eye Tracking has been used in industries such as automotive, medical, aviation, psychology and the Department of Defense. This is also the same technology Google used for Google Glass. Considering its capabilities, I can also see where it would be helpful in the area of website analytics and user behavior. We currently use Google Analytics to track on each website where users are going when they come to a website. We can see what page they begin their visit on, what page they exit from and each page they visit in between. We can also see how long their visit is on any particular page. With some extra effort, it is possible to find out what links are clicked on. The information we are not…

AWG Brands website Screenshot

Here’s What’s New from AWG Brands’ Digital Marketing

Throughout 2015, we saw an increase in retailers using social media and digital marketing for their stores. AWG Brands supports these retailers with exciting digital content such as blogging, social media contests, giveaways and online-only coupons, among other tactics. To help answer questions about which digital platforms AWG Brands uses, we created a one-page handout available for download here AWGbrandAssets. This is a great resource to have on hand. We’ve also revamped awgbrands.com! It has been transformed into a business to business website for our member retailers to use to gather information about digital promotions, brand basics and more. Please take time to check out the updates. Consumers are encouraged to visit the individual brand sites that we updated last year: www.bestchoicebrand.com www.clearlyorganicbrand.com www.superiorselectionsbrand.com www.alwayssavebrand.com Finally, we prepared a short video for those visual learners who want to know about the digital marketing and promotions happening with AWG Brands. Click here to watch the video: For more information on these exciting promotions available FREE for AWG member retailers, click here: https://awgadvertising.com//portfolio/store-brands-promos/

traditional marketing versus inbound marketing

How Marketing is Changing, Yet Again

I recently attended a webinar presented by Hub Spot, where they took a look at what will drive marketing success in 2016. They discussed how buyer behaviors have changed, and as a result advertising has changed. In 2007, Apple introduced the first ever iPhone. Back then, mobile did not even factor into website design. Today, mobile browsing exceeds desktop browsing. Another change is in website security. Heightened security has become more common because website attacks are happening more now than they used to. Not surprisingly, advertising has changed. TV commercials, direct mail and phone calls are all traditional ways to reach the consumer. But 86% of TV viewers skip the commercials, 44% of direct mail is never opened, and there are 200 million people on the Do Not Call list. So what can you do when advertising becomes less effective? Create content that can be found on a search and that will stay on a search over time. 70% of traffic comes from old content. If you are spending money on content, make sure it is only the very best…

Gary's Foods about us photos

“About Us” on your website

Everyone loves a story. People have been telling stories since… well, since people have been around! What do campfires, drawings in the sand, music, movies and your website have in common? All of these tools can help make telling a story easier. The About Us page can attract your customers with a story they can relate to. The more your customers identify with you, the more they will trust your store. The content on this page is also good to share via links in social media. Read this About Us example >> You may not think your story is interesting, but it only seems that way to you because you lived it. You lived the long version, day by day. Believe it or not, millennials prefer the story of how a business came to be rather than having big bold SALE! messages crammed down their throats. These stories tend to be read on mobile devices during down time, like during the commercials while watching TV or waiting for a Dr. Apt. Write about the stories you hear over and over at family get…

Doritos Crash The Super Bowl

User Generated Content: Letting Your Customers Be The Voice For Your Brand

This week I attended AMAKC’s Multimedia Bits & Bites Series at the Cerner Innovation Campus. During one of the sessions we discussed one of the best ways to create good content: inviting your customers to create the content for your brand. In the marketing world this method is called user generated content or UGC, and it’s creating big returns for many companies, especially in the food and beverage industry. User generated content is any form of content such as video, blogs, digital images, discussion posts, audio files, and other forms of media created by consumers of a service or product that is publicly available to other users, often via social media sites. If your company is not already utilizing UGC you should seriously consider adding it. People of all generations trust opinions from consumers more than what brands say about themselves. According to a survey by The Center for Generational Kinetics, 51% of Americans trust UGC more than other information on a company website (16%) or news articles about the company (14%) when looking for information about a brand, product, or service. UGC is 35% more memorable…

Pay-Per-Click vs. Organic SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be quite intimidating for someone who doesn’t know much about the subject. Both Lisa and Cody have discussed “Why I Can’t Find My Website on Google” and “What You Need to Know about SEO” on the blog, which are great introductions to SEO.  A few members of our team recently attended a digital marketing summit at the KU School of Business, where we heard business consultant and SEO expert David Barnes share his insights on SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Here some key insights from his presentation: The first thing to do before ever thinking about spending money on search is to make sure you have good content on your website. 300-500 words per page of in-depth information shows both users and search engines your expertise. Be specific. If you don’t mention your meat department on your website, you’re not going to show up in a Google search for it. Alright, now you have quality content on your website describing everything you offer. That may be enough to get your website to…

Apple Pay logo.

Coffee with CART: 9/10 Recap

I know many retailers are tired of hearing about the importance of having a online identity for their stores. It might seem we are trying to get our members ready for the demise of their bricks and mortar stores. A recent session of Coffee with CART made a big point that proves otherwise. The more that happens online, the more important bricks and mortar stores are. Stores now have a choice of multiple online tools to get their brand out among consumers. The amount of tools to use is growing FAST, with no breaks or time outs. All of these tools are used to influence shoppers because purchases now START online. Notice they didn’t say all purchases end online because people still need to have a physical shopping experience. 64% shoppers say they need better customer service in order to make a purchase. US adults spend 2 hours and 51 minutes a day on their mobile devices. What are these US adults doing with their mobile time? They are providing their own customer service by researching for future purchases, which is…

Does your store really NEED a website?

A year or two ago, I went to a food show and sat by a person who owned one store in a small town. I asked him if his store had a website. “Oh no!” he replied, “We’re not a big national chain”. According to this Press Release by BIA/Kelsey, “Nearly all consumers (97 percent) now use online media when researching products or services in their local area”. Not only should your store have a website, it should be professional-looking if you want to be taken seriously. Even if your store is all about having fun, you can have a fun website. Your customers now search for information BEFORE visiting your store and your website may be the first chance you have to make a good impression. If your website looks like it was designed by a monkey, your chance of making a good first impression will be lost. A website is so important, it is one of the first questions asked when applying for a business loan. The public’s perceived value of your store will be lower if you don’t have a website. There are many reasons to have…

Millennial Shopper Taking Grocery Selfie

Marketing to Millennials as a Grocery Retailer

By 2017, Millennials will have more spending power than any other age group. For retailers, catering to Millennials is critical because they are setting the agenda for the food retailing industry. So what factors influence Millennials’ purchasing decisions? Millennials shop for low prices. Millennials are more in debt than any other generation. We’re paying off massive college loans, so saving money and budgeting is important to us. 85% of Millennials will change brands based on price and 56% will switch brands to save money off coupons. Convenient location is a major factor for Millennials as most shop at the grocery store closest to their residence or place of work. Very few Millennials will go out of their way to shop at a particular grocery store that is not located nearby. Millennials spend an average of 3 hours and 34 minutes browsing the Internet per day, so a retailer’s web presence is important. Not only should you have a website for your store, you should have a good website with an interactive weekly ad, shopping list, coupons, recipes, and more. Retailers should also…

A few free tasks you can do to drive more traffic to your website

A member who owns a hand-full of stores called me the other day with a tinge of desperation in his voice. I could tell he had been looking over some numbers, which ones I’m not quite sure, but they weren’t good. He told me according to his website analytics, nobody was going to his website, so why shouldn’t he take it down and save some money? This was a hard question to answer since I am a web designer. I absolutely believe every business should have a website, but most of my suggestions to increase traffic involve spending money. So after a long pause, I had a few suggestions. Once I got started, I realized I just might have enough ideas to put pen to paper. After looking at this list I realized something every item had in common: you have to GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS A REASON WHY THEY SHOULD LOOK AT YOUR WEBSITE. Don’t wait for them to Google your business! Note: all images have links for you to click on, so you can see and experience them first-hand. 1.…